3B Sense Organs CD-ROM
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3B Sense Organs CD-ROM

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  • Ideal addition to a biology classroom
  • Displays the senses as a window to the world
  • Clear images of various cells and their development
  • Great visual tool for explaining these processes

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3B Sense Organs CD-ROM

The 3B Sense Organs CD-ROM is an ideal addition to any biology classroom. The sense organs provide the body with information about the world and allow a person to grow and develop as they react to the stimuli surrounding them. The CD-ROM demonstrates the way the cells progress and evolve to process these stimuli, providing visual demonstrations for a process that is otherwise invisible.

Features of the 3B Sense Organs CD-ROM

  • Ideal addition to the classroom
  • Displays the development of cells to react to stimuli
  • Clear and visual images of these processes
  • A wide range of information is included

What does the 3B Sense Organs CD-ROM display?

  • The eye and retina structure
  • Accommodation and adaptation
  • Image formation, movement vision and spatial vision (depth perception)
  • Connection mechanisms in the retina and the brain
  • Physiological - psychological components of visual perception
  • Ocular affections
  • Optical illusions
  • Colour vision and colour blindness
  • Colours and pysche
  • Ear and hearing
  • Formation of sound waves
  • Development and structure of the human ear, including middle and inner ear, cochlea and organ of Corti
  • Directional hearing and hearing centres
  • Structure of the labyrinth, perception of rotation and spatial orientation
  • Chemical senses
  • Sense of smell
  • Location of the olfactory region
  • Nose conchas and olfactory epithelium
  • The sense of taste and the tongue's tasting areas
  • Fine structure of the papilla foliata, vallate papilla and the fungiform papilla
  • Skin as a touch organ: touch corpuscles, warm and cold receptors, sense of temperature and thermal receptors
  • Pressure receptors
  • Touch stimulation and sensitivity differences
  • Conscious awareness of the position and movement of the muscles
  • Muscle spindle and Golgi tendon apparatus
  • Processing of self-awareness information

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