Pack of 9 Reproductive System Activity Sets
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Pack of 9 Reproductive System Activity Sets

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  • Covers a range of topics
  • Each activity set includes a vinyl model
  • Aids teaching and discussion of issues
  • Each set includes an informative activity guide

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Pack of 9 Reproductive System Activity Sets

The Pack of 9 Reproductive System Activity Sets is a pack of 9 activity sets on various aspects of the reproductive system. They aid teaching and discussion on a range of reproductive topics.

A Range of Topics

Each activity set covers an aspect of the reproductive system:

  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Birth
  • Meiosis
  • Mitosis
  • Cell to Embryo
  • Four Month Foetus
  • Full Term Foetus
  • Female Reproductive System
  • Male Reproductive System

Each activity set is available individually, but this set enables you to make significant savings.

Vinyl Models

Each activity set includes a detailed markable vinyl model of each subject. This helps to give a clear visual representation of each subject, aiding understanding and helping discussion.

Activity Guide

Also included with each set is an activity guide with background information and basic understandings on the topic, as well as activities, a glossary and a key to model structures. Colour transparencies and a black line master are also included in a three ring binder.

Dimensions of Activity Set Models

The dimensions of each vinyl model included with the Pack of 9 Reproductive System Activity Sets are:

  • Width: 24 inches (70cm)
  • Height: 18 inches (45.7cm)

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