Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates
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Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates

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  • Chemically modified TLC plates for better chromatography
  • Provides narrow banding and clear results
  • Thin aluminium (200µm) can be cut to size with ease
  • Some products finished with fluorescent indicator (see product description for details)

Brand:  Merck Millipore

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Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates

Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates are the ideal product for your thin-layer chromatography needs, giving narrow bands and good levels of separation of your sample with low background noise. Each plate features a unique polymeric binder that gives a uniformly smooth and hard surface that is less likely to crack or blister.

Fine Layer Thickness

With a thickness of 200µm and a particle size of 10 - 12µm, the Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates give great levels of results. The thin design of the plates means that they are easily cut, allowing you to tailor each plate for the size of the sample that you are analysing.

Fluorescent Indicators for Expanded Use

Some Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates feature the fluorescent indicator F254 or F254s, allowing you to detect the presence of colourless substances via UV. Samples that absorb shortwave UV at 254nm are detected due to the fluorescent quenching that occurs.

Modified Silica for greater levels of Results

These Silica Gel 60 Modified Plates provide you with access to results that normal, unmodified plates simply cannot. Results are less dependent on atmospheric humidity and there is no catalytic activity for unstable substances (for example, oxidative degradation ). Plates that have been modified by RP-18 provide a ready correlation with HPLC and all modified plates are suitable for use with aqueous solvent systems.

Varieties of the Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates

At Lab World, we offer a range of different Silica Gel 60 Modified Aluminium-Backed TLC Plates in terms of sizes and suitability. Please check specifications carefully before purchase.

Description Dimensions Pack Size
Silica Gel 60 NH2 Modified F254** 200 x 200mm 20 Sheets
Silica Gel 60 RP-18 Modified F254** 50 x 75mm 20 Sheets
Silica Gel 60 Modified F254s*** 200 x 200mm 20 Sheets

*= Wettable with Water
**= F254: Fluorescent Indicator
***= F254s: Acid Stable Fluorescent Indicator

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