TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator
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TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator

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  • Automatic titration for easier analysis of samples
  • Includes pre-set common methods for hassle-free use
  • Connects to your computer to make data clearer
  • Suitable for water/wastewater, environmental, and food & beverage use

Brand:  SI Analytics

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TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator

The TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator is a user-friendly titrator that is suitable for water/waste water applications as well as environmental and food analysis. Combining a syringe burette and pH/mV meter, the TitroLine 5000 makes the analysis of your samples much simpler and quicker.

Full Colour Display for Easier Use

Featuring a full colour display that shows online curves, the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator is ideal for people that need to analyse data as soon as possible. The screen has been specially designed to be viewed at extreme angles without any compromise on clarity.

Computer Connectivity of the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator

Including two USB ports and two RS232 ports, the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator allows you to connect it to other devices including peripherals and computers. You can transfer data from the machine to a computer, making it easier to analyse and study — results can be exported as either a PDF or CSV file.

Precise Titration for Anybody

Titration can be a highly specialised procedure that needs a lot of intricate knowledge to attain results that you can trust. With the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator, this is no longer the case. The TitroLine 5000 includes pre-installed standard methods, allowing you to perform commonly used titration tasks including measuring pH value/alkalinity, finding total levels of Kjeldahl nitrogen and discerning levels of chloride in food.

Quality Titration to Your Specification

Though the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator can be used for easy automatic titration, you can also use it as a manual titrator for more specified needs. The device offers linear and dynamic titration to equivalence points, titration to pH and mV-end points and has high resolution pH/mV-measurement input for pH-, ORP-, silver- and further mV-electrodes.

Applications of the TitroLine 5000

The TitroLine is suitable for many different titration uses, including the following:

Water/Wastewater and Environmental Analysis

  • pH-value, alkalinity (p+m-value)
  • Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
  • Permanganate index and COD
  • Chloride in wastewater

Food and Beverage Analysis

  • Salt Content (chloride & sodium chloride)
  • pH-Value, total acidity in wine, drinks and other food products
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Protein determination (Kjeldahl determination in milk and dairy)
  • Iodine and peroxide value

Variations of the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator

At Lab World, we offer five different versions of the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator, the differences of which can be seen below.

Model Dosing Unit Electrode
TitroLine 5000 M1 20ml Dosing Unit Without Electrode
TitroLine 5000 M1 50ml Dosing Unit Without Electrode
TitroLine 5000 M2 20ml Dosing Unit pH Electrode and Buffer Set
TitroLine 5000 M2 50ml Dosing Unit pH Electrode and Buffer Set
TitroLine 5000 M3 50ml Dosing Unit Ag (Silver) Electrode

Specifications of the TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator

  • Display: Graphical TFT
  • Display Resolution (ml): 0.005 - 0.025 (depending on dosing unit)
  • Measurement Input pH/mV: pH/mV-input with Electrode socket according to DIN 19 262 or additional with BNC socket insert (Z 860)
  • Measurement Input Temperature: Pt1000/NTC 30 (socket 2 x 4mm)
  • Interface: 1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-B and 2 x RS-232-C
  • Stirrer Connection: TM 50 power supply directly through piston burette
  • Keyboard: The unit is operated using the keys on the device itself, the controller TZ 3880 and optional PC-keyboard (USB)
  • Dosing Speed: max. 100ml/min (with 50ml unit)
  • Filling Speed: min 30 s to 999 s adjustable (time according to the cylinder volume)
  • Burette Resolution: 8000
  • Dosing Accuracy: systematic error 0.15%, random error 0.05% in compliance with EN ISO 8655-6
  • Power Supply: 100-240 V~; 50/60 Hz, power input 30 VA
  • Conformity: ISO 8655, part 6
  • CE-Mark: EMC: 2004/108/EG; safety EG- Directive 2006/95
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 135 x 310 x 205mm (including dosing unit, without stirrer)
  • Weight (without stirrer): 2.3kg
  • Ambient Conditions: Temperature of +10 ... +40°C for operation and storage. Humidity according to EN 61 010, Part 1: Max. relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C, linear decrease down to 50% relative humidity at a temperature of 40°.

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