3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope
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3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope

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  • Zoom to study an object up to 45 times the size
  • High eye point designed for those wearing spectacles
  • Available with or without  a vertical tube to attach a camera 
  • Two independent lights to ensure specimen is evenly lit

Brand:  3B Scientific

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3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope

The 3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope is equipped by a zoom object that allows a magnification of up to 45 times the original size with a high eye point to make them suitable for anyone wearing spectacles. The robust design and fine optical and mechanical qualities ensure this microscope is easy to use and suitable for a range of environments. Two independent halogen lights ensure the object is evenly lit at all times.

The microscope is also available in a trinocular model in order to connect a camera to the vertical tube for the attachment of the camera in order to document the specimen in the form of photographs or videos.

Features of the 3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope

  • Magnifications from anything between seven to forty five times the original size of the object
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • High mechanical and optical qualities
  • "High eye point" makes them suitable for users wearing spectacles
  • 2 x Halogen lights ensure the object is evenly lit at all times
  • Bright, distortion free image with excellent resolution 
  • Supplied with a dust cover
  • Available with or without a vertical tube for attaching a camera

Specifications of the 3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope

  • Metal stand with the column permanently attached to the base
  • Pinion knobs attached to either side for both coarse and fine focusing
  • Binocular tube with 45° incline and a adjustable distance between 54 and 75mm
  • Head rotatable by 360°
  • Wide Field Eyepieces: 10 x 20mm with rubber eyepiece cups
  • Zoom objective: 0.7 - 4.5x
  • Enlargement: 7 - 45x
  • Diameter of Image Field: 4.4 - 28.6mm
  • Distance from Specimen: 100mm
  • Maximum height of object: 80mm
  • Base with detachable object plates (plastic, black/white and glass) with 95mm diameter and 2 x specimen clips
  • Top-transmitted and mixed light illumination with adjustable 12V, 15W halogen lamps and a power supply of 230V, 50/60Hz

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The 3B Stereo-Zoom Microscope is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days of ordering via UPS courier.

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