Arm Phantom Set
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Arm Phantom Set

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  • Replica arm model for ultrasonic demonstrations
  • Supplied with Doppler probe and phantom fluid
  • Simulates blood vessels and flow for sonographic examinations
  • Pulsing flow and continuous flow both able to be replicated
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Arm Phantom Set

The Arm Phantom Set is a replica model of a human arm with ultrasonic Doppler probe and phantom fluid for simulating blood, enabling Doppler sonographic examinations of blood vessels. The model features a variety of tubing (simulating blood vessels), including one tube which simulates a blood vessel stricture or stenosis. When used in tandem with compatible equipment, examinations typical of those used in vascular diagnosis can be simulated. Doppler spectra are measured for the flow through arteries and veins with both a pulsing flow (like a heart beat) and continuous flow, allowing sounds typical of Doppler sonography to be heard. Changes in the spectra and the Doppler sound due a stenosis (stricture) in the elbow can be demonstrated, and when used with a pulsing flow, the calculation of the flow index and resistance index are possible with this replica model.

Set Contents

  • 1 x Model arm with stenosis
  • 1 x Silicone tubing
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Doppler probe
  • 1 x Phantom fluid to simulate blood, 250 ml
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 3/8" connectors
  • Rubber stoppers

Experiment Topics

  • Doppler sonographic examinations of the human arm
  • Measurement of the flow velocity of blood
  • Recording of Doppler spectra and pulse curves
  • Diagnosis of stenosis (vascular stricture) in an arm


  • Probe frequency: 2MHz
  • Probe dimensions: 200mm x 15mm diameter
  • Length of lead: 1m

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