Calorimeter with Heating Coil 1200ml
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Calorimeter with Heating Coil 1200ml

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  • Plastic beaker is included for protection during transit
  • Measures the amount of heat transferred
  • Determines specific heat capacities
  • Ideal for use in the classroom

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Calorimeter with Heating Coil 1200ml

Scientific experiments are an excellent way of teaching visual learners. The Calorimeter with Heating Coil 1200ml is designed to determine specific heat capacities, conversion energies of material, mixing temperatures and electrical equivalents of heat. This makes it an excellent tool for helping students learn and understand how heat is transferred.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed for scientific experiments in the classroom
  • Measures the amount of heat involved in chemical reactions
  • Helps you determine specific heat capacities
  • Equipped with a heating filament
  • Electrically insulated to avoid filament decomposition
  • Ideal for conversion and fusion demonstrations
  • Lightweight construction for easy transport
  • Supplied with a plastic beaker for protection during transit

What's Included with Your Purchase?

  • 1 x Double-walled, heat-insulating plastic container
  • 1 x Insulating vessel made of reflecting glass
  • 1 x Heating coil
  • 1 x Stirrer
  • 1 x Lid with a thermometer opening
  • 2 x Plugs (4mm)
  • 1 x Heating filament

Ideal for the Classroom

This Calorimeter with Heating Coil is supplied with a plastic beaker. This helps protect the device during transit, making it particularly suited to demonstrations in the classroom or other academic applications.

Safety Instructions

Experiments are conducted with hot liquid, so be cautious of burns and scalding. Please follow these safety instructions to ensure you remain safe throughout use:

  • During use, the lid of the calorimeter should always be fastened carefully
  • Set up the experiment on an even surface
  • Following use, take extreme care while emptying the calorimeter of its contents

The calorimeter is made of glass, which is fragile and could therefore break and cause injury. As a result, it's important to:

  • Be careful with the calorimeter vessel
  • Make sure the solid test bodies you insert into the calorimeter do not bang against the side of the glass

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum heater voltage: 25V
  • Maximum heating power: Approximately 160W
  • Maximum capacity: Approximately 1,200ml
  • Diameter: 240 x 120mm
  • Weight: Approximately 0.8 kg

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