Constant Velocity Student Experiment Kit - 4 Tubes
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Constant Velocity Student Experiment Kit - 4 Tubes

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  • For student experiments on velocity
  • Four tubes with viscous liquids 
  • Each liquid has a different viscosity
  • Transparent tube helps demonstrate negative velocity
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Constant Velocity Student Experiment Kit - 4 Tubes

The Constant Velocity Student Experiment Kit - 4 Tubes enable students to investigate the concept of velocity through experimentation.

Visual Demonstration of velocity

The three tubes help to deliver a visual representation of the concept of velocity. Each tube contains a liquid of different viscosity and an air bubble. In each tube the bubble will rise to the surface at a different rate. The transparent tube has a plastic ball and a metal ball which sink, helping to demonstrate negative velocity visually.

Plotting the position of the bubble and balls over time on a displacement-time graph helps students to visualise and define the concept of velocity.

Experiment Topics

The experiment topics the Constant Velocity Student Experiment Kit - 4 Tubes cover are:

  • Displacement-time graphs
  • Linear gradients
  • Velocity

Technical Specifications 

The technical specifications of the Constant Velocity Student Experiment Kit - 4 Tubes are:

  • Length: 830mm approximately
  • Diameter: 13mm approximately

Additional Equipment

The additional equipment required for this product and its experiment is:

  • Mechanical Stopwatch - 15 Minute
  • Pocket Measuring Tape - 2m
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