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Elbow Orthobone with Latex Band

Elbow Orthobone with Latex Band

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  • High quality anatomical model of humerus, ulna and radius bones
  • Latex bands for flexible joint movement
  • Cast from a real specimen
  • For orthopaedic surgical training
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Elbow Orthobone with Latex Band

The Elbow Orthobone with Latex Band is a high quality anatomical model of the human elbow. Cast from a real specimen, it comprises of the humerus, ulna, and radius.

Due to the latex bands, the joint is flexible and can be moved, mirroring natural human movement. This allows you to observe and study the basic anatomical function of the elbow joint.

The Elbow Orthobone is suitable for use in practice of a wide range of osteosynthetic procedures. Screws, implants and plates can be used on the model, as well as high contrast x-rays: perfect for surgeons and medical engineers.


  • Humerus, ulna and radius bones
  • Latex bands for flexibility and natural movement
  • High quality product
  • Anatomically correct
  • Realistic features - excellent biomechanical characteristics
  • Strength properties similar to real bones
  • Dual component composition - cortical and cancellous bone
  • High contrast x-rays possible
  • Can be used with screws, implants and plates


Throughout the world, surgeons and medical engineers are taking advantage of the newly developed Orthobones. 

Orthobones are premium class workshop bones designed for all orthopaedic surgical training needs. Cast from real specimen, these are quality simulated, anatomically correct bone models: the most advanced simulated bones on the market. 

The shape and physical properties of Orthobones are like those of a genuine human bone, with excellent mechanical characteristics and an innovative production process. The key to the impressive similarity to real bones lies in the multi-layered construction of cortical and cancellous bones.

The Orthobones can be used for all your workshop and training needs. The models are made from a special mixture of plastics which enables the use of imaging procedures, such as x-rays, without any pre-processing of the material.

Screws can also be secured to the rigid cortical bone, and implants and plates can be used on it, making Orthobones fantastic for realistic surgical training. 

Indications of Orthobones

The premium class Orthobones have numerous indications, incredibly useful structures to those within the medical profession, such as surgeons, medical engineers and professors. Such indications include:

  • Demonstrations - allow you to easily and effectively demonstrate placements of plates, screws and implants
  • Training - keep surgical training as realistic as possible with high quality simulated bone material
  • Implant technology - test and train the placement of implants and medical devices
  • Large workshops
  • Osteosynthetic procedures
  • Medical education - aids anatomy studies

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