Electron Deflection Tube D Experiment Kit
 Electron Deflection Tube D Experiment KitElectron Deflection Tube D Experiment Kit 
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Electron Deflection Tube D Experiment Kit

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Teltron Electron Deflection Tube DTeltron Electron Deflection Tube D
High Voltage Power Supply 5kV (230V, 50/60Hz)High Voltage Power Supply 5kV (230V, 50/60Hz)
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Teltron Helmholtz Coils D (Pair)Teltron Helmholtz Coils D (Pair)
DC Power Supply 0 - 20V, 0 - 5A (230V, 50/60Hz)DC Power Supply 0 - 20V, 0 - 5A (230V, 50/60Hz)
Teltron Tube Holder DTeltron Tube Holder D
  • Great value kit for electron deflection experiments
  • Electron deflection tube allows study of the effects of electric and magnetic fields
  • Also contains a tube holder, Helmholz coils and AC & DC power supplies
  • Charge and velocity of the electrons can be determined

Brand:  3B Scientific

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Electron Deflection Tube D Experiment Kit

The Electron Deflection Tube D Experiment Kit gives you all the equipment you need to carry out experiments on electrons, including the Electron Deflection Tube itself, a tube holder, a pair of Helmholz coils and three power supplies. 

About the Deflection Tube D

The Deflection Tube D consists of a highly evacuated electron tube, an electron gun and a fluorescent screen. These are set at an incline relative to the beam so the beam's path is rendered visible and the electrical and magnetic fields can be examined and studied. The electric field can be adjusted to cancel out the magnetic deflection, making it possible to determine the specific charge e/m, or the velocity of the electrons.

About the Experiment Kit

The Electron Beam can be deflected electrically in the electric field of the built-in plate capacitor, and can be combined with the Helmholz Pair of Coils D to deflect the beam magnetically. The kit comes with both two high voltage power supplies and a DC power supply, to enable this experiment to be performed.

Contents of the Electron Deflection Kit


  • Experiment kit for carrying out electron deflection 
  • Save money by buying the components together 
  • Electron tube has a focusing electron gun and fluourescent screen
  • Beam can be deflected magnetically or electrically
  • Tube can be used with the Helmholtz Coils (included)
  • Two power supplies enable to experiment to be performed
  • Experiment can be done to determine the specific charge of the electrons
  • Electron velocity can also be calculated using the equipment

Setting up the Experiment 

This video is a useful tool for setting up your electron deflection kit:


  • Filament voltage: 6.3V AC
  • Maximum anode voltage: 5000V
  • Anode current: 0.1mA at 4000V
  • Maximum capacitor voltage: 5000V
  • Fluorescent screen: 90 x 60mm²
  • Glass bulb: 130mm diam
  • Total length: 260mm
  • Weight: 1.1kg

Compatible Equipment 

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