iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
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iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

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  • Monitors temperatures within refrigerators in pharmacies and GP surgeries
  • Pre-programmable parameter settings send alerts to members of staff
  • Alerts when temperature deviates from parameters to prevent stock contamination
  • Wi-Fi enabled with four sensors to safeguard against damaging drugs and vaccines

Brand:  Lec Medical

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iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

The iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System has been specifically designed with pharmacies, GP surgeries, and primary healthcare providers in mind. It monitors the temperatures within refrigerators to help safeguard against damaged or contaminated stock as a result of temperatures deviating from pre-set parameters.

Controlled Storage in Primary Healthcare Environments

The iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System enables the controlling of refrigeration temperature in primary healthcare environments. As drugs, medication, and vaccines must be kept at a precise temperature, the slightest deviation can have detrimental effects, and can result in contamination and waste, as well as the subsequent loss of money with premature stock replenishment. With iAlert, refrigeration temperatures can be easily and effectively monitored to help safeguard against the risk of temperatures rising or falling outside of the set parameters.

Sends Alerts when Temperature Alters

The iAlert system combines four sensors for monitoring up to four medical refrigerators, and working alongside the pre-programmed temperature parameters to monitor any deviations in temperature. Should the temperature go outside of the set parameters, the relevant sensor then sends a signal to the network controller, which can be conveniently located by a desk or beside a member of staff to ensure that data can be received without delay.

Wi-Fi Enabled with Automatic Loggings

To prevent against the loss of data or the inability to effectively monitor recordings, the iAlert sensors will continue to capture data even if the internet connection drops out, before automatically updating once the connection is reconfigured. Data is also backed up on the cloud for added security.

The iAlert network controller plugs directly into the LAN cable to enable direct Wi-Fi access, and records can be accessed and reviewed at any time and from any location via a device with an internet connection.

Helping to Save Stock and Money

If the refrigerator temperature deviates drastically or for a great length of time, stock will not only become contaminated but will also need to be replenished. This stock replenishment will both be time consuming and costly.

Investing in an iAlert temperature monitoring system can help to prevent against such unnecessary expenditure by enabling the close monitoring of refrigeration of drugs, medication, and vaccines.

Lowering Insurance Premiums

Once you have installed your iAlert system, you may wish to discuss with your insurance provider the possibility of a lower insurance premium. While this is not guaranteed, the installation of the iAlert system is an effective preventative measure against the loss of stock, thus reducing the risk of making an insurance claim.

MHRA and CPA Compliance

To enhance the reliability of the iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitor System, it has been designed to comply with both Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and CPA regulations.

This way, by installing the iAlert system as part of your temperature monitoring strategy, you can rest assured that the most reliable and practical measures have been taken to prevent against medicine contamination, stock loss, and unnecessary expenditure as a result of drug replenishment.

Please note that this item includes an additional cost for installed by a trained iAlert engineer. There is also an annual data subscription charge for use of the cloud and data monitoring with alerts; please see the Delivery and Data Charge tabs at the top of the page for more information.

Delivery and Installation

The iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System requires installation. This will be carried out by a trained iAlert engineer, who will link all of the sensors to the controller before calibrating each sensor in turn.

Delivery and installation costs £116.67 + VAT, which is billed following purchase of the iAlert system. This price includes training for use of the system.

For more information about delivery and installation, please call our customer care team on 020 7501 1105 before placing your order.

Data Charge

The iAlert Wireless Temperature Monitoring System protects data by backing up your recordings to the cloud. There is an annual data subscription charge of £150, which includes access to the cloud and the monitoring of the system and alerts.

The annual data subscription charge will be billed following completion of your order.

For more information about the data charge, please call our customer care team on 020 7501 1105 before placing your order.

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