SDC-30 Dessicator
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SDC-30 Dessicator

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  • Ideal for preserving moisture-sensitive items in the lab
  • High-quality silicone gasket for a greaseless, airtight seal
  • Transparent, shatterproof, non-corrosive and easy-to-clean design
  • Stackable, space-saving construction ensuring efficient use of lab space

Brand:  Medline Scientific

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SDC-30 Dessicator

The SDC-30 Dessicator is a cubic non-vacuum dessicator that is ideal for preserving moisture-sensitive items in the lab. Featuring an integrally moulded cubic box design, the SDC-30 enables outstanding vacuum capability with virtually no leakage and exceptional durability.

Clean and Cost-Effective

In order to ensure a clean and cost-effective test environment, it's important that dessicators are reliably sealed. The SDC-30 features a high-quality silicone gasket, ensuring a greaseless, airtight seal. With a highly transparent, shatterproof, non-corrosive and easy-to-clean polycarbonate construction, the SDC-30 will provide years of reliable service.


The SDC-30 Dessicator features a stackable space-saving design that ensures optimum utilisation of often cramped lab space. At the same time, internal space is maximised via the use of up to three shelves (one included).

Ultraviolet Blocking Version

A UV-blocking version, the SDC-30 U, is also available to minimise damage or discolouration of light-sensitive samples.

Key Features and Benefits of the SDC-30 Dessicator

  • High-quality silicone gasket ensures greaseless airtight seal for the clean and cost effective test environment
  • Highly transparent, shatterproof, non-corrosive, and easy to clean polycarbonate construction
  • Maximised utilisation of internal space using a maximum of three shelves 
  • Stackable space-saving design allowing efficient use of cramped lab space
  • Easy humidity level checking with the hygrometer attached to the front door

Materials of the SDC-30 Dessicator

The SDC-30 is composed of a variety of materials; please see the table below for details.

Component Material
Body Polycarbonate
Perforated sample tray
Perforated sample drawer
Drying agent tray/locker Polypropylene/Stainless steel
Seal Silicone rubber

Technical Specifications

  • Internal volume: 35L
  • Maxiumum load per shelf/drawer: 5kg
  • Number of shelves (included/maximum): 1/3
  • Number of drawers (included/maximum): 1/3
  • Dimensions (internal): 322 x 367 x 302mm
  • Dimensions (external): 360 x 410 x 426mm
  • Weight: 4.9kg

Please note that this product features a lead time of approximately 6-8 weeks. You are encouraged to take this into account when placing your order.

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