Xacto 8-Channel Variable Volume Pipettor 20 - 200ul
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Xacto 8-Channel Variable Volume Pipettor 20 - 200ul

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  • Variable volume pipettor
  • Metal shaft and tip
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Detachable volume mechanism

Brand:  Edu Lab

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Xacto 8-Channel Variable Volume Pipettor 20-200ul

The Xacto 8-Channel Variable Volume Pipettor 20-200ul is a variable volume Pipettor with eight channels, which features a high quality design for spectacular results.

Robust Design

The Pipettor features a robust design and construction. The metal shaft and tip ensures long-lasting accuracy and less maintenance, and the double 'O' ring shaft provides the Pipettor with universal compatibility and an air-tight seal.

Fully Autoclavable

The Pipettor is fully autoclavable, meaning that it can be used time and again while ensuring no cross-contamination occurs.

Detachable Volume Mechanism

Additionally, the Pipettor features a detachable volume mechanism. This gives it easy visibility for both right and left handers. The detachable volume control also gives the Pipettor the use of unique fixed volume knobs which can be fitted in the pipette's range. This enables cost-effective replacement and easier recalibration.

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