Yuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLU
Yuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLUYuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLUYuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLUYuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLU
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Yuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLU

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  • Includes one pair of shoe covers per box
  • Keeps indoor flooring clean
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant 
  • Ideal for sensitive cleanroom environments

Brand:  Yuleys

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Yuleys SEBS Reusable safety shoe covers YxxBLU

Cross-contamination is hard to prevent, particularly with the amount of bacteria and outside material which clings to our shoes. This can be inconvenient at best, bringing dirt and mess into a home, and dangerous at worst, with regard to laboratories and cleanrooms.  Shoe covers provide a solution to this.

Designed to fit over your outdoor shoes, they allow protection for your working environment from the outside world. The Yuley SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLU are unique in that they are long-lasting, meaning you will not have to incur the cost, both on your wallet and the environment, of constantly replacing disposable shoe covers. Designed for easy slip-on, hands-free application, they are ideal for use across a range of industries.

Why Choose the Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers?

Many workplaces provide rubber boots or indoor shoes for employees to change into. However, these are often clunky and time consuming to put on. If your workforce is large, it can also be expensive to provide a pair of shoes for everyone.

Disposable shoe covers are used by many, but their environmental and economical impact is vast. An average of 8p per pair, with one worker using multiple pairs per day, this cost can really build over time. Not to mention the effect on the environment - landfills are filled with the disposable covers which are constantly discarded and replaced.

Save Money and Avoid Contamination

The Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers are a fantastic alternative to disposable shoe covers. Suitable for use across a variety of industries, they can be simply slipped on and off to prevent dirt from your outdoor shoes contaminating an environment.

Locking in to place, you will no longer have to keep bending down to remove your fiddly disposable covers. This is great for when your hands are full, and is also better for your back.

Durable and Green

Made from durable rubber, the Yuley Shoe Covers are chemical and abrasion resistant and long lasting. This means you can reduce both the costs and environmental effect of regularly replacing disposable covers. Easy to clean, you can ensure a greater level of hygiene in a hassle-free, practical way.

Features of the Yuleys Shoe Covers

  • Non-slip grip - better traction on hardwood, tile, linoleum and carpet
  • Solid rubber construction - durable, non-tear, long lasting
  • Easy to clean - can be rinsed and air dried, laundered or sterilised with bleach
  • Hands-free - easily slip on and off, perfect for when your hands are full
  • Heel-lock system - keeps them firmly on your feet
  • Keeps indoor flooring clean - prevents contamination and dirt reaching clean areas
  • Works with all safety footwear - suitable for a range of industries
  • Recyclable - environmentally friendly
  • Reduces effects on landfill - disposable shoe covers fill up landfills; one pair of Yuleys can be used for years
  • Reduces operational costs - disposable shoe covers cost an average of £134 a year per worker
  • Attractive blue colour - easy to spot

Additional features of the SEBS Shoe Covers:

  • Superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • More durable and longer lasting than the TPR Shoe Covers
  • Greater flexibility than the TPR Shoe Covers - even at extreme temperatures 
  • Autoclavable
  • Silicone-free

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This item is usually dispatched the same day when ordered before 2.00pm, Monday to Friday.

The delivery expectation of 1st Class Royal Mail is 1 to 3 working days, but most packages arrive the next day. 

Please call our Lab World Customer Care Team on 0207 720 2266 if you have any questions about the delivery of this item.

Sizing for the Yuleys SEBS Reusable Shoe Covers

The Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers are available in the following sizes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I.

To work out your size, please measure the sole length of your boots by putting the toe against or wall or straight surface. Make a note of where the heel ends, then measure this distance exactly with a ruler or measuring tape.

Find the length on the chart below; if the length falls in a range between two Yuleys sizes, select the smaller size.

Work Boot/ Shoe Sole Length Yuleys Sizes
10" (25.5cm) - 10.5" (26.7cm) A
10.5" (26.7cm) - 11" (27.9cm) B
11" (27.9cm) - 11.75" (29.8cm) C
11.75" (29.8cm) - 12.31" (31.3cm) D
12.31" (31.3cm) - 12.63" (32.0cm) E
12.63" (32.0cm) - 12.94" (32.9cm) F
12.94" (32.9cm) - 13.31" (33.8cm) G
13.31" (33.8cm) - 13.75" (34.9cm) H
13.75 (34.9cm) - 14.19" (36.0cm) I

If you are in any doubt about your sizing then please contact us on 020 7720 2266 beforehand as once the box is opened we will not be able to accept a return of this item. 

The Yuley SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers arrive as a box of one pair. 

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