3B Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues Microscopic Slides
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3B Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues Microscopic Slides

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  • Microscopic slides showing angiospermae II cells and tissue
  • Suitable for biology lessons and student
  • Contains 20 different images
  • Designed for a standard microscope

Brand:  3B Scientific

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3B Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues Microscopic Slides

The 3B Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues Microscopic Slides offer hands on experience for anyone studying biology. The twenty microscopic slides offer images on a range of cells and tissues for the students to be able to examine in closer detail.

All slides measure 26 x 76mm.

What does the 3B Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Epidermal cells of allium (onion), flat mount showing typical plant cells with nuclei, cytoplasm and cell walls
  • Mitosis, l.s. from allium root tips showing all the stages of plant mitosis
  • Meiosis, t.s. of lilium anthers showing different stages of meiosis
  • Stem apex and meristematic tissue of asparagus l.s.
  • Chloroplasts, w.m. of leaf of elodea or spinacia showing detail of large chloroplasts
  • Chromoplasts, t.s. of root of daucus (carrot)
  • Aleurone grains, t.s. of ricinus endosperm
  • Starch grains, different kinds, mixed, w.m.
  • Fat, t.s. of endosperm of Corylus (hazel) strained for fat
  • Inulin crystals, t.s. of tuber of Dahlia
  • Acid tannic, t.s. bark of Rosa
  • Calcium oxalate crystals in w.m of dry allium scale
  • Annular and spiral vessels, isolated and w.m.
  • Wood cells, macerated and w.m.
  • Lactiferous vessels, l.s stem of euphorbia (spurge)
  • Cork cells, t.s. bark of Quercus suber (oak)
  • Scale-like stellate hairs, isolated from elaeagnus (olive tree)
  • Lysigenous oil glands, t.s. rind of citrus fruit
  • Parenchyma cells, t.s. of marrow of Sambucus (elderberry)
  • Stone cells, t.s. fruit of Pyrus (pear)

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