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3B Angiospermae Stems Microscopic Slides

3B Angiospermae Stems Microscopic Slides

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  • Microscopic slides showing angiospermae stems
  • Suitable for biology lessons and students
  • Contains 20 different images
  • Designed for a standard microscope
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3B Angiospermae Stems Microscopic Slides

The 3B Angiospermae Stems Microscopic Slides is part of the angiospermae collection, allowing students to get hands-on experience with studying these cells in closer detail. The set of twenty slides are ideal for biology lessons and the education system, as well as being suitable for a standard microscope.

All slides measure 26 x 76mm.

What does the 3B Angiospermae Stems Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Canna, t.s. of typical monocot stem with scattered bundles
  • Aristolochia, 3 cells on one slide: t.s. of one year, two years stem and older stem
  • Dicot and monocot stem, t.s. of Helianthus and Canna
  • Dicot and monocto stem, t.s. of Ranunculus and Zea
  • Tilia, lime, two t.s. of stems, first year and two years
  • Fagus silvatica, beech, three sections of wood, t.s., r.l.s., t.l.s.
  • Fraxinus excelsior, ash, three sections of wood, t.s., r.l.s., t.l.s.
  • Quercus, oak, t.s. of stem showing cambium and bark
  • Sambucus, elder, t.s. of bark showing lenticells
  • Linum, flax, t.s. of stem showing husk fibres
  • Linum, flax, isolated husk fibres, w.m.
  • Ranunculus, l.s. of herbaceous stem
  • Cucurbita pepo, l.s. of stem with sieve tubes
  • Sieve plates in top view, t.s. of Cucurbita stem
  • Lamium, t.s. of square stem, collenchyma
  • Secale, rye, t.s. of typical grass stem
  • Numphaea, water lily, t.s. of aquatic stem, spicular cells
  • Hippuris, t.s. of typical aquatic stem with large central pith
  • Urtica, nettle, stinging hairs with poison ducts
  • Solanum tuberosum, potato, t.s. of tuber with starch grains and cork

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