3B The Origin of Life and Evolution CD-ROM
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3B The Origin of Life and Evolution CD-ROM

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  • Over five hundred images and text describing the evolution process
  • Covers all types of evolution, including stellar, chemical and organic 
  • Ideal teaching tool to illustrate the process of evolution
  • Includes leading theories by scientist such as Darawin and Lamarck

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3B The Origin of Life and Evolution CD-ROM

The 3B The Origin of Life and Evolution CD-ROM is an ideal addition to any classroom. Used as a teaching aid and visual prompt, this CD explores stellar, chemical and organic evolution. This CD-ROM contains 513 images and text that demonstrates the course of evolution, from "no-life" to life.

What does the 3B The Origin of Life and Evolution CD-ROM Show?

  • Temporal course of evolution
  • Formation of celestial bodies and rise of chemical elements
  • Apparition of prokaryotes
  • Abiotic synthesis of amino acids, oligopeptids, polypeptides, purine and pyrimidine bases and nucleic acid sequences
  • Polynucleotid aggregates
  • Evolutionary stages of metabolism: fermenting, breathing, photosynthesising prokaryotes
  • Primordial soup
  • Hypercycle according to EIGEN
  • Precambrian evidences of life
  • Evolution from prokaryotes to the plant and animal kingdoms
  • Spontaneous generation of theories and findings
  • Phylogenetic schema for the five organic phyla
  • Endosymbiont hypothesis
  • Rise of multicellular organisms
  • Theory of gastraea, notoreunalia-gastroneuralia and coelom
  • Conquest of land
  • The saurians
  • Geological times
  • The "geological clock£
  • Foundations, mechanisms and course of the evolution of the plant and animal kingdoms
  • Evolutionary pointers
  • Morphological homologies
  • Bridging species
  • The Archaeopteryx
  • Evolution in terms of geography, ontogeny, biochemistry and animal behaviour
  • Parallel evolution
  • Biogenetic law according to HAECKEL
  • The theories of Lamarck and Darwin
  • Natural selection and selection induced by man
  • Isolation
  • Gene shift
  • Adaptive radiation
  • Continental drift
  • Principles of speciation
  • Ontogenic spirals
  • Genetic landscape
  • Cultural development of man
  • Evolution of languages
  • Tables of geologic formations
  • Recreation of prehistoric landscapes

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