Advanced Student Experiments Kit SEK - Optics
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Advanced Student Experiments Kit SEK - Optics

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  • Apparatus for 38 student experiments on optics
  • Comes in a tough plastic tray
  • Foam inserts shaped to items for secure storage
  • Includes manuals and experiment guides
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Advanced Student Experiments Kit SEK - Optics

The  Advanced Student Experiments Kit SEK - Optics contains the apparatus needed to carry out a range of optics experiments for students. Detailed instructions are included on CD-ROM. The apparatus is stored in a strong plastic box and are held in place by foam inserts. 

This kit is available in two different versions to match the voltage of the power source you're using - 230V, 50/60Hz or 115V, 50/60Hz. 230V is the voltage for the UK mains system.

A Range Of Optics Experiments

The full list of experiments possible with this kit is:

  • Propagation of light, light beams and rays
  • Transparency
  • Light and shadow
  • Umbra and penumbra
  • Reflection from a plane mirror
  • Concentration of light by a concave mirror
  • Reflection and path of light for a concave mirror
  • Reflection and path of light for a convex mirror
  • Characteristics of the image from a plane mirror
  • When light passes from the air into glass - determination of refractive index
  • Determination of critical angle for total internal reflection - glass to air
  • Ray diagrams for a rectangular glass block, laws
  • Ray diagrams for a glass prism
  • Total internal reflection inside a prism
  • Path of light through a converging lens
  • Determination of focal length for a converging lens
  • Ray diagrams with parallel ray and ray through centre of lens - converging lens
  • Path of light through a diverging lens
  • Determination of focal length for a diverging lens
  • Path of light through a system of lenses
  • Image properties - converging lens
  • Image magnification and the lens equation
  • Image aberrations with converging lenses
  • Formation of images in the eye
  • Short-sightedness
  • Long-sightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Cameras
  • Slide projectors
  • Microscopes
  • Galileo telescope
  • Kepler's telescope
  • Terrestrial telescope
  • Separation of light into a spectrum
  • Recomposition of spectral colours
  • Additive mixing of colours, complimentary colours

These experiments can be performed on the included optical bench or the Advanced Student Experiments Kit Base Plate. Optical components will be held in place by magnets in either case

Full Contents of the  Advanced Student Experiments Kit SEK - Optics

The full contents of the  Advanced Student Experiments Kit SEK - Optics are:

  • 1 x optical bench
  • 1 x optical lamp - 5V, 2W
  • 1 x plug-in power supply
  • 4 x tea candles
  • 1 x plastic container
  • 1 x slide holder - magnetic
  • 1 x F-shaped slide
  • 1 x slide with triple and quintuple slits
  • 1 x slide with single slit
  • 1 x object for use as an image
  • 1 x colour filter - red
  • 1 x colour filter - blue
  • 1 x acrylic block with holder
  • 1 x semi-circular body
  • 1 x diverging lens - flat model
  • 1 x right-angled prism
  • 1 x rectangular block
  • 1 x object for casting shadows
  • 1 x flexible mirror - magnetic
  • 1 x projection screen - experimenttable
  • 2 x lenses - f = +50mm
  • 1 x lens - f = +100mm
  • 1 x lens - f = +300mm
  • 1 x lens - f = -100mm
  • 1 x set of overlays

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