Algae Microscope Slides
Algae Microscope SlidesAlgae Microscope SlidesAlgae Microscope Slides
Algae Microscope SlidesAlgae Microscope SlidesAlgae Microscope Slides
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Algae Microscope Slides

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  • 30 microscope slides
  • Displays algae cellular structure
  • High quality imagery from natural samples
  • Includes 4 classes of algae

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Algae Microscope Slides

The Algae Microscope Slides are a set  of 30 slides for the in depth study of algae structures. Taken from natural samples, the slides offer a high quality imagery to aid in botany and biology lessons.

  • Cyanophyceae
    • Chroococcus, a single-cell alga, w.m.
    • Anabaena, w.m. of filaments with heterocysts
    • Nostoc sp., t.s. of colony with hormogonia
    • Aphanizomenon, w.m. showing heterocysts
    • Scytonema, unbranched filaments with false branching, w.m.
    • Stigonema, branching filaments, w.m. Chromophyta
    • Diatoms, fresh water, recent, mixed
    • Diatoms, showing protoplasmic structure
  • Conjugatae
    • Spirogyra, vegetative filaments w.m.
    • Spirogyra, scalariform conjugation and zygotes following conjugation, w.m.
    • Zygnema, w.m. of vegetative filaments
    • Desmids, strewn slide showing several forms Chlorophyceae
    • Chlamydomonas, biflagellate cells, w.m.
    • Pandorina morum, biflagellate cells in a spherical colony, w.m.
    • Volvox, spherical colonies with daughter cells, w.m.
    • Pediastrum, stellate colonies, w.m.
    • Oedogonium, w.m. of filaments with sex organs, macrandrous
    • Cladophora, with multinucleate cells
    • Draparnaldia glomerata, filaments with clusters of branches
    • Ulva lactuca, green alga showing thallus of one celled layer
    • Vaucheria., w.m. of oogonia and antheridia
  • Charophyceae
    • Chara vulgaris, thallus with sex organs
  • Phaeophyceae
    • Fucus serratus, antheridia and oogonia t.s. on one slide
    • Fucus spiralis, monecious, t.s. of conceptacle with oogonia and antheridia
    • Ectocarpus, plurilocular, w.m.
    • Laminaria saccharina, thallus with sporangia t.s. Rhodophyceae
    • Polysiphonia, thallus with antheridia
    • Polysiphonia, thallus with cystocarps
    • Polysiphonia, thallus with tetraspores
    • Batrachospermum

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