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Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA
 Model: ESCOLA 30Model: ESCOLA 100 

Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA

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  • Analogue measuring instrument for practical experiments
  • Battery powered
  • Distinguishable measuring ranges
  • Available in 2 different models
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Analogue multimeter escola

The Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA is a measuring instrument for use in practical experiments. Featuring clearly distinguishable measuring ranges, the device provides unmistakable measuring readings for ease of use. The coil instrument is protected by a shock-resistant plastic case, ideal for use with multiple students during classroom experiments, where it may accidentally get knocked off a desk.

Battery operated, full functionality is guaranteed - even when the battery is no longer fully charged. The battery is also protected by a automatic cut-off, there is a battery test function and the charge status is displayed, so you won't be caught without power.

The Analogue Multimeter is available in two models, the ESCOLA 30 and the ESCOLA 100, each with their own individual features.

benefits of the analogue multimeter escola

  • Clear moving-coil instrument
  • Shock-resistant plastic casing - protects device
  • Ideal for student experiments
  • Unmistakable measurement reading - clearly distinguishable measuring ranges
  • Two mirrored linear scales
  • Electronic calibration of zero point to the centre of the scale for all DC current and voltage ranges
  • Measurement amplifier - ensures measured values are linear, even for AC voltages of up to 40kHz

Features of the Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA 30

  • Direct and alternating voltage: 0.3 - 30V, 5 ranges each
  • Direct and alternating current: 1 - 3000mA, 5 ranges each
  • Instrument category: CAT 1, 30V
  • Permanently short-circuit-proof student measuring instrument
  • Measures voltage and current in the safety extra-low voltage range
  • Electronic overload protection achieved without the use of an equipment fuse - no need to change fuses or order spares
  • Protective system operates without any auxiliary energy - guaranteed even when battery is flat or not there


  • Direct and alternating voltage: 0.1 - 600V, 9 ranges each
  • Direct and alternating current: 0.1mA - 3000mA, 11 ranges each
  • Internal resistance: 1MΩ
  • Long erm maximum voltage: 600V
  • Instrument category: CAT III, 600V
  • Meter for classroom and practical experiments
  • Measures voltage and current up to 600V or 10A respectively 
  • Audible continuity testing
  • Includes fuse to guarantee safety up to CAT III
  • Separate terminal sockets for current and voltage - connection of the instrument that allows for both current and voltage to be measured, without having to reconnect measuring leads
  • When switching from one measuring range to another, the circuit is never broken
  • All current measuring ranges are overload-proof for long-term current of up to 10A
  • Additional semiconductor protection - protection of all current measuring ranges, prevents inadvertent blowing of the fuse in many cases


  • Only an inexpensive 1.5-V battery element needed for operation
  • Meter will still work for several years after any change of battery with normal usage - current discharge when in operation is no more than 2.5mA maximum
  • Full functionality guaranteed, even when battery is no longer fully charged
  • Lithium batteries with higher open-circuit voltage can also be used
  • Battery protected by automatic cut-off after approx. 50 mins - battery will not be wasted
  • Battery test function
  • Display of charge status so you won't be caught without power
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