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15 February 2016

Welcome to the Labworld Blog. Here, you will find everything that you need in order to keep up-to-date with cutting edge laboratory equipments, such as our range of high performing Titrators or our extensive range of market-leading Microscopes. We will have articles on how to make the most of your equipment, choosing which model is right for you and ensuring that you are caring for your equipment in a manner that will ensure accurate results for a longer time.

Looking for something a little simpler? At Lab World, we understand that you're not going to be replacing your scientific equipment on a regular basis and that it is the everyday things that you really need. Luckily, at Lab World, we are as dedicated to the everyday Lab Essentials as we are to top-of-the-range equipment. We offer fantastic deals on all of our sundries and have a wide variety of products available for your lab.

Keep an eye on the Lab World Knowledge Centre to ensure that you're up to date on our latest developments!

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