BONElike Child's Vertebral Column Model A52
 BONElike Child's Vertebral Column Model A52BONElike Child's Vertebral Column Model A52 
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BONElike Child's Vertebral Column Model A52

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  • Anatomical replica of child's spinal column
  • Naturally cast and realistic
  • Aids study of bone growth
  • Ideal for use within fields of anatomy or paediatrics 

Brand:  3B Scientific

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BONElike Child's Vertebral Column model A52

The BONElike Child's Vertebral Column Model is a true-to-life anatomical replica of an approximately five-year-old child's spinal column. The unique material of the BONElike model makes it almost visually indistinguishable from a real human vertebral column.

The flexible model includes the occipital plate, pelvis and sacroccyx and is mounted on a stand for easy display. Within the spinal canal, the spinal cord with cauda equina and exiting nerve roots are represented in flexible material.

The BONElike Child's Vertebral Column Model is especially interesting for those working in the areas of anatomy, pediatrics, orthopaedics and pediatric radiology. 

Bone Growth with the Child's Vertebral Column

As this is a model of a child's spinal column, and is therefore not fully developed, it can be used to aid studies in the phases of bone growth. The following can be observed in this model:

  • Vertebrae - partially incomplete development of vertebral bodies and vertebral arches.
  • Sacrum - incomplete fusion of individual sacral vertebrae. This commences at around the age of 15.
  • Pelvis - still open Y cartilage as main growth plate of the acetabulum. The hip, pubic and ischial bone parts are not yet connected (didactically fixed with brackets in the model).  These fuse around the age of 14-16.

What is BONElike?

3B Scientific BONElike material looks and feels like real bone. Each bone is a unique original cast of natural human bone with realistic weight, feel and appearance.

The finest anatomical structures are presented in extreme detail with realistic texture, colour and the porous characteristics of real human bone. They make excellent substitutes for real bone, which can be hard to obtain for ethical reasons.

Indications of BONElike Models

3B Scientific's BONElike range is great for use in medical teaching settings, patient consultation and the following environments: 

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor's offices
  • Laboratories

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