Boyle's Law Apparatus
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Boyle's Law Apparatus

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  • Apparatus for demonstrating Boyle's law
  • Acrylic transparent tube encased in protective tubing
  • Manual crank for piston movement
  • Features scale, manometer and valve
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Boyle's Law Apparatus

Boyle's Law Apparatus is for determining the relationship between gas volume and pressure at constant temperature (Boyle’s law). A working cylinder made of transparent acrylic, features a moving piston, scale and manometer and is completed with a valve to let in gas or release it. The movement of the piston is achieved with the help of a threaded connecting rod turned by means of a manual crank allowing pressure both above and below atmospheric to be generated. For safety reasons, the working cylinder is enclosed in a larger, protective cylinder of identical build.


  • Length: 300mm
  • Internal diameter: 40mm
  • Piston: 30mm x 40mm diameter
  • Piston sealing: 2 ring gaskets
  • Manometer diameter: 100mm
  • Permitted pressure: max. 4 bar
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