Bragg Driver
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Bragg Driver

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  • Combination of hardware and software
  • Allows user to collect X-ray diffraction data
  • For use with the X-Ray Apparatus
  • Data can be collected and exported
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bragg driver

The Bragg Driver is a combination of hardware and software which allows the user to collect X-ray diffraction data, in combination with the X-ray Apparatus.

It provides the high voltage and counting circuitry for the Geiger–Müller Tube, whilst including a software program that allows the user to control the driver and collect data. The Bragg Driver includes a USB powered drive, a drive gear, a USB cable and a powder compressor.

Scans can be obtained for all crystals available in the Basic Equipment Set and the crystallography accessories. An additional feature is the ability to scan powders and foils. The software allows selection of scan angles, resolution and time per step.

Once the experiment is completed, the software permits zoom-in on the data and the facility to add comments to the file. Data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis. This makes the drive ideal for scientists who wish to control and record their findings with greater precision and convenience. 

Recommended equipment

The following equipment can be used alongside the Bragg Driver:

Experiment topics

The Bragg Driver can be used to support a number of experiments, from basic through to advanced experiments:


  • Basic experiments using photographic techniques
  • Basic experiments using Geiger–Müller Tube
  • Laue experiments
  • Bragg diffraction experiments
  • Experiments on inverse square law
  • Emission
  • Rectilinear propagation
  • Penetration and absorption of X-rays


  • Experiments on Moseley diffraction
  • Experiments on Debye-Scherrer diffraction
  • Size of the unit cell in salt crystals


  • Experimental investigations into radiography
  • Experimental investigations into film
  • The properties of X-rays

technical specification

  • Time interval for automatic data saving: 30s
  • Angular range: 12 - 120°
  • Time per step: >0.1s
  • Angular step: >0.05°
  • GM tube voltage: 0 - 1000V
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