Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery
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Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery

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  • Measures the flow of current when storing energy
  • Contains a 9V rechargeable battery
  • Measuring range 1/10/100 ampre seconds
  • Max load current 100mA
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Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery

The Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery enables you to measure the flow of current when storing energy in the included rechargeable battery. You can measure the charge or consumption of the battery with a voltmeter, with 1V on the voltmeter corresponding to either 0.1, 1 or 10 ampere seconds (As).

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery are:

  • Measuring ranges: 1/10/100As - maximum measurable charge ±499As
  • Power supply: 9V rechargeable battery via DC co-axial power socket
  • Load current: 500mA maximum
  • Charging current for battery: 50mA maximum
  • External power source: Solar panel or DC power supply (max 12V DC) with current limiting to 50mA when there us no load on the coulombmeter
  • Connectors: 4mm safety sockets
  • Dimensions: 105mm  x 75mm  x 45mm approximately
  • Weight: 200g - including rechargeable battery and housing
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