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  • Low-cost production of purified water 
  • Catridge idicates need for replacement
  • Wall mounted, connects to mains tap
  • Available in two sizes
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Brand:  Edu Lab

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The Deioniser has been designed to be an effective low cost method of producing 1-10µS/cm purified water at low volumes. These simple units incorporate an easy to replace cartridge, containing specifically designed resin which changes colour from blue to brown through absorption of contaminating ions. This allows for easy identification of when each cartridge needs to be changed. Wall mounted, the deioniser works directly off the mains water supply.

Low-Cost Lab Apparatus

  • Cost effective way to produce purified water
  • Replaceable cartridge changes colour to indicate when replacement is needed
  • Wall mounted
  • Works directly off mains water supply
  • Available in 2 sizes


  Standard Model Large Model
Max. Feed Pressure (Bar) 0.5 - 5 0.5 - 5
Max Feed Flow Rate (l/hr) 30 60
Output Capacity, Litres:    
50mg/l tds (soft) 640 1280
200mg/l tds (medium-hard) 160 320
300mg/l tds (hard) 106 212
pH Neutral Neutral
Conductivity 1-10uS/cm 1-10uS/cm
Dimensions 80 x 100 x 580mm 80 x 100 x 780mm
Weight 2.8kg 4.4kg
Installation Requirements    
Feed Water Portable Portable
Maximum TDS 1000ppm 1000ppm
Feed Water Temperature 1 - 35°C 1 - 35°C

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