E.M.T. Casualty Simulation Kit IV
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E.M.T. Casualty Simulation Kit IV

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  • Simulates injuries
  • For a wide variety of training situations
  • Bleeding and non-bleeding wounds
  • Can be applied to humans and mannequins

Brand:  3B Scientific

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E.M.T. Casualty Simulation Kit IV

The E.M.T. Casualty Simulation Kit IV provides an incredibly wide variety of wounds for use on humans and mannequins, giving the widest variety of training situations possible..

Bleeding Wounds

The kit contains bleeding wounds, designed to give trainees a sense of reality when dealing with injuries in an emergency. The bleeding wounds are:

  • Jaw wound
  • Abdominal wound - with protruding intestines
  • Sucking wound of chest
  • Compound fracture of humerus
  • Compound fracture of tibia
  • Compound fracture of femur
  • Laceration of the forehead
  • Open amputation
  • Gunshot wound of palm

Each bleeding wound includes a reservoir bag with a pump assembly to provide a realistic sense of bleeding.

Non-Bleeding Wounds

The kit also features non-bleeding wounds to give trainees a good level of training on how to deal with these kinds of injuries. The non-bleeding wounds include:

  • Assorted stick-on lacerations and open fracture wounds
  • Phosphorous burn of the hand - face in shock
  • 2nd and 3rd degree on the face, chest, back, hand and forearm

These wounds will challenge both the volunteer and professional in areas of lacerations and burns.

Make-Up Accessories

The kit also contains a range of make-up accessories, designed to give volunteers a realistic appearance of injured people and give medical emergency training a sense of realism. The kit contains:

  • 1 x mirror
  • 1 x body adhesive - for stick-on wounds
  • 2 x casualty simulation wax
  • 3 x bottles of coagulant make-up blood
  • 5 x packages of blood powder - for 5 sets of 4.5 litres of simulated blood
  • 1 x package of methyl cellulose - for blood thickening
  • 4 x grease pain colours - white, blue, brown and red
  • 2 x packages of broken Plexiglass - for simulating glass embedded wound
  • 1 x cold cream
  • 2 x atomiser mist spray
  • 2 x plasticine modelling paste - white and dark
  • 6 x tongue depressors
  • 1 x package of tissues
  • 2 x fake dirt
  • 1 x charcoal
  • 1 x petroleum jelly
  • 2 x spatulas

This kit is ideal for simulating community disasters such as bus accidents or building explosions.

The E.M.T. Casualty Simulation Kit IV comes in a storage case.

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