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Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model (3x Enlarged)
 Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model (3x Enlarged)Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model (3x Enlarged) 

Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model (3x Enlarged)

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  • Oral hygiene model enlarged to three times life-size
  • Ideal for demonstrating effective brushing techniques
  • Supplied with a giant toothbrush
  • Base-mounted for ease-of-display
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Brand:  Erler-Zimmer

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Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model (3x Enlarged)

Deliver effective training on oral hygiene and maintenance with the Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model (3x Enlarged). This model has been mounted on a base to make it easier to hold during training, and is supplied with a large toothbrush for clear and simple demonstrations of proper brushing techniques. While the colourful design makes this model appealing to children, it can be used for discussing oral hygiene with patients of any age.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Enlarged Dental Hygiene Model (Base-Mounted)
  • 1 x Enlarged Toothbrush

What Is the Purpose pf This Oral Hygiene Model?

The Erler-Zimmer Oral Hygiene Model has been designed as an easy-to-use patient education tool that enables a variety of dental practitioners to demonstrate to patients, particularly younger patients, the proper methods of brushing and maintaining your teeth and gums.

Who Can Benefit from Use of This Dental Model?

Those who may benefit most from use of this model include dental professionals who may find themselves working with younger patients, or adult patients who may need help with better understanding oral hygiene. This includes:

  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Orthodontists

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enlarged oral hygiene model
  • 3x life-size scale allows for clear demonstrations
  • Designed for demonstrating, teaching, and practising proper oral hygiene techniques
  • Supplied with a giant toothbrush to enable effective practise and training
  • Mounted on a base for ease-of-display
  • Easy to hold with one hand to enable effective demonstrations
  • Bright colours makes the model more appealing to children

Alternative Hygiene Models

If you require a more compact model, the Erler-Zimmer Enlarged Oral Hygiene Dental Model, which is enlarged to a 1.5x life-size scale, is a fantastic alternative, supplied with a very similar design.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 22cm
  • Weight (approximate): 1kg
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