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Foucault Pendulum

Foucault Pendulum

£6,338.19 exc. 20% VAT(£7,605.83 Inc. VAT)
  • For demonstration of the Earth's rotation
  • Utilises a Charron ring
  • Presented in a decorative box
  • Lit from the inside to catch the eye
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Foucault Pendulum

The Foucault Pendulum is a piece of apparatus for qualitative and quantitative demonstration of the Earth's rotation. This is done though observation of the pendulum's plane of oscillation. 

The pendulum comes in a stylish box which is well -lit to catch the eye.

Charron Ring

The pendulum passes through a Charron Ring, in order to prevent its oscillation taking an elliptical orbit. This helps make the demonstration of this phenomenon easier to see visually and more consistent.

Fast Results

To provide quick results, the pendulum string's shadow is projected onto a protractor scale. Because of this, it quickly becomes easy to see the changes in the pendulum's plane of oscillation.

Electromagnetic boost

An electromagnetic boost is applied to the pendulum to prevent the gradual dampening of the oscillation. This is ideal for longer periods of observation, where the dampening of the oscillation can make it harder to see the oscillation plane over time.

A Range of Experiment Topics

The pendulum enables a range of experiment topics to be covered:

  • Pendulum oscillations
  • Rotation of the Earth
  • Coriolis force

Technical Specifications of the Foucault Pendulum

The technical specifications of the Foucault Pendulum are:

  • Length of pendulum: 1200mm
  • Mass of pendulum: 230g
  • Diameter of pendulum: 38mm
  • Vertical alignment: through the four height-adjustable feet
  • Angular resolution: 0.1°
  • Dimensions:
    • ​Length: 400mm
    • Width: 400mm
    • Height: 1400mm
  • Mass (approximate): 40kg

The Foucault Pendulum is available in two different versions for different mains voltages - 230V or 115V. The UK mains system uses 230V.

Delivery Information

The Foucault Pendulum is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days of ordering via UPS courier.

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Planet Earth Rocks!
22 June 2016  | 

This is the most gorgeous machine in the world, and I lust to have one in the centre of my living room to watch instead of TV. Other than the cost, the only problem I could see with it might be Ilya Kurykin, my Russian Blue, who would regard it as a cat toy.

This would be such a cool interior decor item for engineers, children and contemplative types. (Design a spiral staircase around it?) If I was bedridden & ending my days alone in a nursing home, I would rather have this in my room than umpteen flower arrangements. It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

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