Fuel Cell Demonstration System
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Fuel Cell Demonstration System

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  • Demonstration model of a hydrogen solar cell
  • Displays the method of solar energy technology
  • Requires on distilled water
  • Arranged on a baseplate for easy display and operation
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Fuel Cell Demonstration System

The Fuel Cell Demonstration System model shows the function of a hydrogen solar cell consisting of solar module, PEM electrolyser, hydrogen and oxygen accumulators, PEM fuel cell and fan. Conveniently arranged on a baseplate for easy and clearly displayed operation.

The Fuel Cell systems should be used with distilled water only and not exposed to corrosive electrolytes such as potassium hydroxide.

Tomorrow's Energy Carriers

Fuel cells, electrolysers, solar hydrogen technology – significant contributors to a sustainable energy supplies in the future which seeks to preserve our natural environment and resources while still maintaining today's standard of living. Now you can demonstrate this fascinating technology to your students in a simple to operate, highly effective way. Pure water is broken down by means of electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen for the purpose of energy storage with the help of regenerative energy. During reconversion of the gases in a fuel cell, electricity, heat and water are formed. The resolute use of membrane technology in the training and demonstration systems does away with the use of corrosive fluids so that only distilled water is required. 


  • Solar module: 2.0V/350mA
  • Electrolyser: 1W
  • Fan output: 10mW
  • Dimensions: approx. 100 x 300 x 150mm³
  • Weight: approx. 600g
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