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Fungi and Lichen Microscope Slides
Fungi and Lichen Microscope SlidesFungi and Lichen Microscope SlidesFungi and Lichen Microscope Slides
Fungi and Lichen Microscope SlidesFungi and Lichen Microscope Slides

Fungi and Lichen Microscope Slides

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  • Set of 20 microscope slides
  • Displays various fungi and lichen
  • For the cellular study of botany
  • Displays the natural structure of plants
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Fungi and Linchen Microscope Slides

The Fungi and Linchen Microscope Slides is a set of 20 slides for the study of botany, clearly displaying the cellular structure of natural plants. 

  • Phycomycetes:
    • Mucor mucedo, w.m. of hyphae showing sporangia
    • Rhizopus nigricans w.m. of hyphae with developing zygotes
    • Synchytrium endobioticum, potato black wart, t.s. of infected tissue
    • Plasmodiophora, t.s. of cabbage rot.
  • Ascomycetes:
    • Claviceps purpurea, t.s. of sclerotium
    • Tuber rufum, truffle, t.s. of fruiting body showing asci
    • Peziza sp. cup-fungus, t.s. of fruiting body with asci
    • Erysiphe sp., mildew, t.s. of leaf with perithecia
    • Penicillium sp., blue mold on orange-rind, t.s. of hyphae with conidiophores
    • Aspergillus glaucum, brown-mold, w.m. of hyphae with sporangia
    • Saccharomyces sp., yeast, budding, w.m.
    • Taphrina pruni (Exoascus pruni), plum pockets, t.s. with haustoria and asci
  • Basidiomycetes:
    • Puccinia graminis, t.s. of uredinia on wheat
    • Puccinia graminis, wheat rust, t.s. of aecidia on infected barberry leaf
    • Ustilago zeae, corn smut, infected tissue, t.s.
    • Psalliota sp., mushroom, l.s. through pileus and lamellae
    • Boletus edulis, pore fungus, l.s. through pores
    • Lycoperdon gemmatum, puff-ball, t.s. of fruiting body.
  • Lichens:
    • Xanthoria, lichen, t.s. of thallus showing hyphae with symbiotic algae
    • Xanthoria, t.s. of apothecium

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