Fungi and Lichen Microscope Slides
Fungi and Lichen Microscope SlidesFungi and Lichen Microscope SlidesFungi and Lichen Microscope Slides
Fungi and Lichen Microscope SlidesFungi and Lichen Microscope Slides
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Fungi and Lichen Microscope Slides

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  • Set of 20 microscope slides
  • Displays various fungi and lichen
  • For the cellular study of botany
  • Displays the natural structure of plants

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Fungi and Linchen Microscope Slides

The Fungi and Linchen Microscope Slides is a set of 20 slides for the study of botany, clearly displaying the cellular structure of natural plants. 

  • Phycomycetes:
    • Mucor mucedo, w.m. of hyphae showing sporangia
    • Rhizopus nigricans w.m. of hyphae with developing zygotes
    • Synchytrium endobioticum, potato black wart, t.s. of infected tissue
    • Plasmodiophora, t.s. of cabbage rot.
  • Ascomycetes:
    • Claviceps purpurea, t.s. of sclerotium
    • Tuber rufum, truffle, t.s. of fruiting body showing asci
    • Peziza sp. cup-fungus, t.s. of fruiting body with asci
    • Erysiphe sp., mildew, t.s. of leaf with perithecia
    • Penicillium sp., blue mold on orange-rind, t.s. of hyphae with conidiophores
    • Aspergillus glaucum, brown-mold, w.m. of hyphae with sporangia
    • Saccharomyces sp., yeast, budding, w.m.
    • Taphrina pruni (Exoascus pruni), plum pockets, t.s. with haustoria and asci
  • Basidiomycetes:
    • Puccinia graminis, t.s. of uredinia on wheat
    • Puccinia graminis, wheat rust, t.s. of aecidia on infected barberry leaf
    • Ustilago zeae, corn smut, infected tissue, t.s.
    • Psalliota sp., mushroom, l.s. through pileus and lamellae
    • Boletus edulis, pore fungus, l.s. through pores
    • Lycoperdon gemmatum, puff-ball, t.s. of fruiting body.
  • Lichens:
    • Xanthoria, lichen, t.s. of thallus showing hyphae with symbiotic algae
    • Xanthoria, t.s. of apothecium

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