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Infant Heart and Breath Sound Card

Infant Heart and Breath Sound Card

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  • Infant heart and breath sounds audio
  • Genuine patient recordings
  • 16 tracks of various conditions
  • For use with Heart and Breath Sound Simulator
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Brand:  3B Scientific

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Infant Heart and Breath Sound Card

The Infant Heart and Breath Sound Card is for use with the Heart and Breath Sounds Simulator and features 16 genuine patient recordings for student analysis. Demonstration a range of conditions to be auscultated and diagnosed, the card is easily set-up or switched out for another of the library of 3b sound cards available.

Sound Card Recordings

  1. 7 month heart
  2. 1 year heart
  3. Stills murmur
  4. Venous hum
  5. S2 split
  6. Pulmonary stenosis
  7. ASD
  8. VSD
  9. Aortic stenosis
  10. Mitral regurgitation
  11. 9 month breath
  12. Rhonchi
  13. Stridor
  14. Asthma
  15. Pneumonia
  16. Wheezing

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