Leslie Cube with Heater
 Leslie Cube with HeaterLeslie Cube with Heater 
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Leslie Cube with Heater

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  • Leslie Cube mounted above heater
  • Demonstrates heat radiation
  • Internal lamp and integrated temperature sensor
  • Cube made of hollow aluminium

Brand:  3B Scientific

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Leslie Cube with Heater

The Leslie Cube with Heater is a hollow cube made of aluminium for quantitative analysis of thermal radiation from a hot body as a function of temperature and the nature of the surface. Featuring a rotatable Leslie cube with built-in 150W lamp, the cube includes an integrated temperature sensor for regulated heating of surfaces to a variable temperature and a holding for a thermopile. One side each is plain, matt, white or painted black.


  • Heater power: 150W
  • Max. temperature: 120°C
  • Resolution: 1°C
  • Display: Two rows for actual and set-point temperatures
  • Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 220mm³
  • Weight: 1.8kg approx.

Benefits of the Leslie Cube with Heater

  • Regulated electric heater with 150 W lamp
  • Easy adjustment and display of actual and set-point temperatures
  • No naked flame and no hot water required
  • The cube can be turned, ensuring all surfaces are equidistant from the thermopile
  • No additional stands needed

Experiment Topics

  • Introduction to thermal radiation
  • Stefan-Boltzmann law

Required Equipment

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