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Magnetic Stirrer with Heater

Magnetic Stirrer with Heater

£504.85 exc. 20% VAT(£605.82 Inc. VAT)
  • Magnetic stirrer with stainless steel hotplate
  • Used to smoothly stir liquids e.g. during chemical experiments
  • Secure safety circuit
  • Variable heating temperature 
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magnetic stirrer with heater

The Magnetic Stirrer with Heater allows the user to quickly and easily stir and heat liquids, for instance during chemical experiments. This product features a stainless steel hotplate: durable and easy to wipe clean. With a secure safety circuit and a chemical resistant housing, the unit is safe for use. Additionally, a variable heating temperature and smooth starting stirrer motor enables ease of use. 

technical specification

  • Dimensions: approx. 168 x 105 x 220mm³
  • Weight: approx. 2.4kg
  • Quantity stirred, max. (H2O): 10 l
  • Speed: 100 – 2000 rpm
  • Heater power: 400W
  • Heating temperature range: room temperature to 320°C
  • Work plate: 125mm diameter
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