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Meiosis Model

Meiosis Model

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  • 3D relief model of meiosis
  • Shows 10 stages of meiosis
  • Magnified and clearly coloured features
  • Mounted on free-standing board
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Meiosis Model

The Meiosis Model is a magnified model of ten chromosomes clearly coloured and mounted on a stand that may be free-standing or hung. Ideal for classrooms and a useful teaching aid, the model shows the process of Meiosis in 3D relief.

Features of the Meiosis Model

  • Chromosomes coloured according to modified AZAN staining colours
  • Cell components are colour-coded in accordance with educational aspects
  • Attaching magnets on the rear
  • Storage system, free-standing or hanging up.
  • Supplied with detailed description and copying templates
  • Enlarged 10,000 times

Model Depictions

The three-dimensional model shows the following 10 phases of Meiosis on the basis of a typical mammal cell:

  1. Interphase (stage of G1-phase)
  2. Prophase I (leptotene)
  3. Prophase I (zygotene and pachytene)
  4. Prophase I (diplotene)
  5. Prophase I (diakinesis)
  6. Metaphase I
  7. Anaphase I
  8. Telophase I, cytokinesis I, interkinesis, prophase II and metaphase II
  9. Anaphase II
  10. Telophase II and cytokinesis II


  • Dimensions: approx. 60 x 40 x 6cm³
  • Weight: approx. 1.7kg

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