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NaI Operating and Evaluation Kit

NaI Operating and Evaluation Kit

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  • Complete apparatus for operation and evaluation
  • For measurement and evaluation of energy spectra
  • Integrated amplifer, four-channel analysis
  • For use with NaI(TI) Scintillation Detector
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nai operating and evaluation unit

This product is the complete apparatus for operation and evaluation, designed for measurement and comprehensive evaluation of energy spectra.

The NaI Operating and Evaluation Kit consists of a 14-pin connector stage, with a high-voltage power supply for the photo-multiplier of an NaI(Tl) Scintillation Detector. It also possesses an integrated amplifier with pulse-shaping capability and digital signal processing for four-channel analysis.

The power supply for the complete unit is conveniently provided via the USB port of a PC. MAESTRO 32 measurement and evaluation software for a PC is also included.

The measurement and evaluation software has a versatile graphic user interface, supporting identification of the measured radiation energies with the aid of integrated libraries. The unit allows for the setting of all measurement parameters, including the high-voltage supply, from the PC.

required equipment

To use the NaI Operating and Evaluation Unit, you will require the following:

technical specification

  • Resolution: 1024 channels
  • Amplification: 1, 3 or 9 (coarse), 0.4 –1.2 (fine)
  • Integral non-linearity: < 0.05% over 99% of the range
  • Differential non-linearity: < 1% over 99% of the range
  • Effect of lag: < 5% for less than 50000 events per second
  • High-voltage supply: 0 to 1200V DC
  • Amplifier drift: <0.15 * 10 - 3 per °C
  • Offset drift: <0.05 * 10 - 3 per °C
  • Pulse shaping: 0.75 – 2µs
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