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Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S

Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S

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  • Can be used for open or closed models
  • Suitable to construct a wide range of different molecules
  • Colour-coded atoms for ease of use
  • Suitable for schools, colleges and private courses
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Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S

The Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S is designed for the assembly of three-dimensional models of both organic and inorganic molecules. The spatial configurations can be clarified and the chemical compounds visualised in a clear manner. The atoms can create a number of simple molecules such as hydrogen and oxygen but can also be arranged to demonstrate the properties of more complex structures such as ethane. The set is suitable for both open and closed models due to the links being suitable for single, double and triple bonds.

Features of the Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S

  • Suitable for use in schools, colleges or private chemistry courses
  • Can create a range of different molecules
  • Single, double or triple bonds are available
  • Complex or simple molecules can be created
  • Reassembled or assembled multiple times
  • Provided in a four-compartment box
  • Colour-coded components for ease of use

What Does the Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S Contain?

Number Element Colour Holes Shape
6 Carbon Black 4 Tetrahedral
14 Hydrogen White 1 One Sided
6 Oxygen Red 2 Angular
1 Oxygen Red 4 Tetrahedral
2 Nitrogen Blue 4 Tetrahedral
1 Nitrogen Blue 3 Pyramidal
1 Sulphur Yellow 4 Tetrahedral
1 Sulphur Yellow 6 Octahedral
6 Chlorine Green 1 One Sided
1 Phosphorus Purple 5 Tribipyramidal
1 Phosphorus Purple 3 Pyramidal
2 Sodium Grey 1 One Sided
2 Calcium, Magnesium Grey 2 Angular
1 Beryllium Grey 2 Linear
1 Aluminium Grey


1 Silver, Copper Grey 4 Tetrahedral
1 Metal atom Grey 6 Octahedral
1 Boron Light Beige 3 Trigonal
1 Atom Beige 4 Tetrahedral
1 Atom Beige 5 Tribipyramidal
1 Atom Beige 6 Octahedral

Electron clouds: 3, light beige, lone pair


  • 20 x medium, light grey
  • 5 x medium, purple
  • 12 x long, flexible, grey

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