Pendulum with Plotting Electrode
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Pendulum with Plotting Electrode

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  • Cylindrical pendulum bob
  • For experiments to confirm Kepler's Law
  • Utilises powder tracing
  • Includes metal ball chain
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Pendulum with Plotting Electrode

The Pendulum with Plotting Electrode is a cylindrical pendulum bob with a sliding plotter electrode. It is designed for use with experiments to confirm Kepler's Law about areas covering a body and subject to a central force, utilising powder tracing to do so. The pendulum features a ball chain for easy suspension. 

Powder Tracing

Powder tracing is a method of tracing the path of objects utilising electrodes and sulphur powder. The plotting electrode slides over an insulated plane counter electrode. This is covered in powdered sulphur, and an AC voltage passes between the two electrodes which causes the sulphur to be attracted or repelled (depending on the polarity of the plotting electrode.

This causes a trace to appear in the sulphur with ridges formed at constant time intervals - the distance between the ridges indicates the plotting electrode's speed.

Dimensions of the Pendulum with Plotting Electrode

The dimensions of each of the Pendulum with Plotting Electrode are:

  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Height: 60mm
  • Weight: 500g

Required Equipment

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