Student Kit - Electrostatics Set
 Student Kit - Electrostatics SetStudent Kit - Electrostatics Set 
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Student Kit - Electrostatics Set

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  • Carry out 15 student experiments on electrostatics
  • Designed to take up minimal space
  • Foam inserts shaped to items for secure storage
  • Includes manuals and experiment guides
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Student Kit - Electrostatics Set

The Student Kit - Electrostatics Set contains the apparatus needed to carry out a range of fundamental electricity experiments for lower secondary school. Detailed instructions and manuals for teachers and students are included on CD-ROM. The apparatus is stored in a rugged Gratnells tray which includes foam inserts for each piece of apparatus to ensure the apparatus is stored safely and securely.

A Range Of Electrotstics Experiments

This kit enables students to carry out a range of experiments on electrostatics. The full list of experiments possible with this kit is:

  • Electrostatic charging of hair
  • Forces on uncharged particles
  • Charge indicator
  • Forces between charged bodies
  • Build your own electroscope
  • Electroscope
  • "Shock of hair"
  • Demonstrating charge on a pendulum
  • "Charge pendulum"
  • "Spinner"
  • Charging due to induction
  • Transfer of charge using a "charge spoon"
  • Faraday's cup
  • Faraday's cage
  • Plate capacitor

Full Contents of the Student Kit - Electrostatics Set

The full contents of the Student Kit - Electrostatics Set are:

  • 1 x stand base
  • 1 x apparatus frame
  • 2 x aluminium rods
  • 1 x aluminium rod with magnet
  • 1 x electroscope
  • 1 x plastic plate, angled
  • 1 x plastic rod
  • 1 x glass rod
  • 1 x conductor body
  • 1 x set of needles
  • 1 x spinner
  • 1 x pendulum bob (polystyrene)
  • 1 x screw-on needle
  • 1 x set of plasticine
  • 2 x experiment leads
  • 1 x set of balloons
  • 1 x set of papers with 1 plastic cloth
  • 1 x set of metal strips
  • 1 x Piezo charger
  • 1 x Faraday cage
  • 1 x Faraday cup
  • 1 x charge indicator
  • 1 x charge storage unit
  • 2 x capacitor plates
  • 1 x dieletric
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