SW Sensors Set
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SW Sensors Set

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  • Incorporates two dynamometers and an amplifier board
  • For recording and analysing mechanical oscillations
  • Compatible with standard oscilloscopes
  • Designed to fit 10mm diameter stands
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SW Sensors Set

The SW Sensors Set is a sensor set which incorporates two dynamometers and an amplifying board. This enables it to be used for recording and analysing mechanical oscillations using a standard oscilloscope.

The set can be mounted to 10mm diameter stands to measure dynamic forces along their axis. Both signals from the dynamometers are converted by the amplifier board so that an oscilloscope can record and evaluate the phase differences between both the oscillation signals and output them as a DC signal.

Detailed Computer Analysis

When used with the USB Oscilloscope 2 x 50MHz, this sensor set can be used for detailed analysis and evaluation of the measured signals on a computer.

Contents of the SW Sensors Set

The contents of the SW Sensors Set are:

  • 2 x dynamometers
  • 1 x MEC amplifier board
  • 1 x power supply - 12V AC - 700mA
  • 2 x HF patch cords

Technical Specification

The technical specifications of the SW Sensors Set are:

  • Dynamometers:
    • Max force: 5N
    • Frequency range: 0.3 - 200Hz
    • Connectors: 3.5mm jack plugs
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 52mm
      • Length: 37mm
      • Depth: 26mm
  • MEC Amplifier Boards:
    • Input sockets: 3.5mm 
    • Output sockets: BNC
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 65mm
      • Length: 100mm
      • Depth: 40mm

Recommended Equipment

The recommended equipment for the SW Sensors Set is:

  • USB Oscilloscope 2x50MHz
  • Analogue Oscilloscope 2x20MHz
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