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Teltron Perrin Tube S

Teltron Perrin Tube S

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  • Calculates the electron charge
  • Electron tube, gun and Faraday cage
  • Demonstrates negative polarity of electrons
  • Connects to an electroscope
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Teltron Perrin Tube S

The Teltron Perrin Tube D contains a vacuumed electron tube, a focusing electron gun, fluorescent screen and a Faraday cage positioned to one side. Suitable for both estimating the electron charge (charge-to-mass ratio) and illustrating the negative polarity of electrons, the tube deflects a magnetic charge into the Faraday cage, which is in turn connected to an electroscope. The tube can be used to generate Lissajou figures by using two magnetic fields at right angles to each other.

Features of the Teltron Perrin Tube S

  • Electron tube, gun, fluorescent screen and a faraday cage
  • Examines the negative polarity of electrons
  • Estimates specific electron charge
  • Generates Lissajou figures
  • Magnetic field deflects electrons

Technical Specifications of the Teltron Perrin Tube S

  • Filament voltage: 6.3V AC
  • Maxium anode voltage: 5000V
  • Anode current: 0.1mA at 4000V
  • Beam current: 4µA at 4000V
  • Glass bulb: 130mm diam
  • Luminescent screen: 85mm diam
  • Total length: 250mm
  • Dimensions: 381 x 381 x 292mm
  • Weight: 0.9kg

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