3B Cryptogamae Elementary Set Microscopic Slides
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3B Cryptogamae Elementary Set Microscopic Slides

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  • Twenty five slides demonstrating the cells in cryptogams plants
  • Highlights the different features of these cells through staining
  • Ideal for biology students or educational purposes
  • Suitable for a standard microscope for ease of use

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3B Cryptogamae Elementary Set Microscopic Slides

The 3B Cryptogamae Elementary Set Microscopic Slides is an ideal educational tool and an excellent addition to any biology lessons. The twenty five slides illustrate the cells found in certain types of bacteria and highlights their features.

All slides measure 26 x 76mm.

What Can The 3B Cryptogamae Elementary Set Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Bacteria type slide shows cocci, bacilli and spirilla
  • Oscillatoria, blue, green alga
  • Pleurococcus, green alga
  • Eudorina, small colonies
  • Diatoms, mixed species
  • Spirogyra in conjugation with zygotes
  • Fucus, brown alga, female conceptacle with oogonia, t.s.
  • Fucus, male conceptacle with antheridia t.s.
  • Mucor, black mold, mycelium and sporangia
  • Peziza, apothecium with asci t.s.
  • Claviceps purpurea, ergot, stroma with perithecia l.s.
  • Morchella, morel, fruiting body t.s.
  • Saccharomyces, yeast, budding
  • Psalliota, gill fungus, pileus with lamellae t.s.
  • Coprinus, mushroom, t.s., typical basidia and spores 
  • Lobaria pulmonaria, foliose lichen, thallus with symbiotic algae t.s.
  • Moss stem with leaves w.m.
  • Marchantia, liverwort, thallus with cupule and gemmae l.s.
  • Marchantia, antheridia l.s.
  • Marchantia, archegonia l.s.
  • Polytrichum, moss, capsule with spores t.s.
  • Equisetum, horsetail, strobilus with spores, l.s.
  • Aspidium (dryopteris) fern, stem, t.s.
  • Aspidium, leaf with sporangia and spores t.s.
  • Fern prothallium w.m.

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