3B Cryptogamae Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides
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3B Cryptogamae Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides

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  • Twenty five microscopic slides demonstrating cryptogam plants
  • Highlights the features of the cells for clear visualisation
  • Ideal for students and educational purposes
  • Suitable for use with a standard microscope

Brand:  3B Scientific

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3B Cryptogamae Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides

The 3B Cryptogamae Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides are ideal for education and a great addition to any biology student wishing for a closer look at cryptogam plants. The twenty five microscopic slides clearly highlight the features of the cells involved in this process.

All slides measure 26 x 76mm.

What Do The 3B Cryptogamae Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Streptococcus lactis, milk souring bacteria
  • Bacillus subtilis, hay bacillus, with spores
  • Nostoc, blue green alga with heterocysts
  • Volvox with daughter colonies
  • Zygnema, vegetative and conjugation stages 
  • Clostridium, desmid
  • Chara, stonewort, thallus with reproductive organs
  • Ectocarpus, brown alga, plurilocular gametangia
  • Rhodomela, marine red alga, tetraspores
  • Plasmodiophora brassicae, club root, t.s.
  • Albugo candida, white rust of crucifers, t.s.
  • Penicillium, blue mold, mycelium and conidiophores
  • Sclerotinia (monilinia), plum rot, t.s.
  • Boletus, pore fungus, pileus t.s.
  • Ustilago zeae, corn smut, pustule with spores t.s.
  • Puccinia graminis, wheat rust, uredinia on wheats t.s.
  • Puccinia graminis, aecidia and pycnidia on barberry leaf, t.s. 
  • Xanthoria, lichen, apothecium t.s.
  • Moss protonema w.m.
  • Sphagnum, peat moss, leaf w.m.
  • Polytrichum, moss, stem with leaves t.s.
  • Selaginella, strobilus with spores l.s.
  • Equisetum, horse tail, spores with elaters, w.m.
  • Pteridium braken fern, rhizome t.s. 
  • Phyllitis, fern, leaf with sori t.s.

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