3B Histology of Vertebrata Microscopic Slides
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3B Histology of Vertebrata Microscopic Slides

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  • 25 microscopic slides showing various cells 
  • Suitable for biology students for close examination
  • Cells of different animals and multiple body parts
  • Suitable to be used with a standard microscope for ease

Brand:  3B Scientific

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3B Histology of Vertebrata MIcroscopic Slides

The 3B Histology of Vertebrata Microscopic Slides is ideal for biology students closely examining this topic. The 25 slides examine fishes, amphibians, reptiles and birds and have a standard colour-coded staining for clear results: 

  • Cell nuclei: red
  • Connective tissue: blue
  • Erythrocytes: orange
  • Keratinized tissue: red

All slides measure 26 x 76mm. The histology of vertebrata slides excludes mammalia.

What Does the 3B Histology of Vertebrata Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Cyprinus, carp, liver t.s.
  • Cyprinus, testis t.s. showing spermatozoa
    Cyprinus, small intestine, t.s.
  • Cyprinus, kidney, t.s.
  • Cyprinus gills t.s.
  • Cyprinus skin, t.s.
  • Fish scales, cycloid, ctenoid and placoid scales, w.m.
  • Salamandra, skin with poison glands, t.s.
  • Salamandra, t.s. through thorax and forelegs of larva
  • Rana, frog, lung, t.s. a simple bag-like lung
  • Rana, blood smear with nucleated corpuscles
  • Rana, stomach, t.s.
  • Rana, large intestine t.s. with goblet cells
  • Rana, kidney, t.s.
  • Rana,testis, t.s. to show spermatogenesis
  • Rana, skin t.s. showing glands
  • Lacerta, lizard, skin with scales, sagittal l.s.
  • Gallus, chicken, blood smear with nucleate red corpuscles
  • Gallus, lung, t.s.
  • Gallus glandular stomach t.s.
  • Gallus, ovary with developing eggs t.s.
  • Gallus, skin with developing feathers, t.s. or l.s.
  • Gallus, unfeathered skin of foot t.s.
  • Gallus, wing and down feathers w.m.

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