3B Normal Human Histology Part II Microscopic Slides
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3B Normal Human Histology Part II Microscopic Slides

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  • Set of fifty microscopic slides showing cells in the human body
  • Displays a wide variety of cells, illustrating different features in the body
  • Suitable for students studying biology and examining the topic in close detail
  • Ideal for standard microscopes for easy use

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3B Normal Human Histology Part II Microscopic Slides

The 3B Normal Human Histology Part II Microscopic Slides are ideal for biology students wishing to study this topic in close detail. Fifty microscopic slides further detail the human body, continuing from the 3B Normal Human Histology Microscopic Slides.

All slides measure 26 x 76mm. The slides meet the AZAN colour-coding staining standards:

  • Cell nuclei: red
  • Connective tissue: blue
  • Erythrocytes: orange
  • Keratinized tissue: red

What do the 3B Normal Human Histology Part II Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Soft palate, human, t.s.
  • Adipose tissue, human, sec. stained for fat
  • White fibrous cartilage, human intervertebral disc, sec.
  • Striated (skeletal) muscle, human t.s.
  • Spongy (cancellous) bone, human t.s.
  • Bone development, vertical l.s. of foetal skull-cap
  • Bone development, l.s. of foetal finger
  • Joint of human foetus, l.s.
  • Tooth, human, t.s. of crown
  • Tooth, human, complete l.s.
  • Tooth development from human foetus, l.s.
  • Aorta, human, t.s. routine stained
  • Trachea from human fetus, t.s.
  • Thymus from human child, t.s.
  • Parathyroid gland (Gl. parathyreoidea), human, t.s.
  • Tonsil (Tonsilla palatina), human, t.s.
  • Parotid gland (Gl. parotis) human, t.s.
  • Submaxillary gland (Gl. submandibularis), human, t.s.
  • Stomach, fundic region, human, t.s.
  • Rectum, human, t.s.
  • Gall bladder, human, t.s.
  • Liver of human foetus sec. developing blood cells
  • Urethra, human, t.s.
  • Seminal vesicle (Gl. vesiculosa), human, t.s.
  • Spermatic cord (ductus deferens) human, t.s.
  • Prostate, human, t.s.
  • Sperm smear, human
  • Corpus luteum in t.s. of human ovary
  • Vagina, human, t.s.
  • Cerebral cortex, human, t.s. silvered (Golgi or Palmgren)
  • Cerebral cortex, human, t.s. stained for neuroglial cells after Held
  • Cerebellum, human, t.s. silvered (Golgi or Palmgren)
  • Thalamus, human, stained after KIYver-Barrera
  • Medulla oblongata, human, t.s. routine stained
  • Spinal cord, human, t.s. silvered (Golgi or Palmgren)
  • Sympathetic ganglion, human, t.s. routine stained
  • Peripheral nerve, human, t.s.
  • Optic nerve, human, t.s.
  • Cornea from eye, human, t.s.
  • Eyelid, human, t.s.
  • Skin from finger tip, human, vertical, l.s.
  • Scalp, human, horizontal l.s. shows t.s. of hair follicles
  • Nail development, sagittal l.s. finger tip of human foetus
  • Human chromosomes in smear from culture of blood, male
  • Human chromosones in smear from culture of blood, female
  • Barr bodies (human sex chromatin) in smear from female squamous epithelium

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