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3B Invertebrata Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides

3B Invertebrata Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides

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  • 50 microscopic slides showing invertebrata cells
  • Cells come from a variety of creatures to compare and contrast
  • Ideal for biology lessons and for educational purposes
  • Suitable for a standard microscope
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3B Invertebrata Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides

The 3B Invertebrata Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides are ideal for educational purposes and biology students wishing to study this range in closer detail. The fifty microscopic slides demonstrate a range of different cells across multiple animals to allow for comparing and contrasting.

All slides measure 26 x 76mm.

What Do The 3B Invertebrata Supplementary Set Microscopic Slides Show?

  • Radiolaria, mixed species
  • Foraminifera, mixed specides
  • Ceratium, dinoflagellates
  • Trypanosoma, causing sleeping disease and blood smears
  • Plasmodium, malaria, parasite, blood smear
  • Eimeria stiedae, in t.s. of rabbit liver with parasites
  • Spongilla, fresh water sponge, gemmulae (winter bodies)
  • Hydra, t.s. of body
  • Obelia hydroid, w.m. of colony
  • Obelia medusa, jellyfish, w.m.
  • Actinia, sea anemone, t.s. young specimen
  • Fasciola hepatica, beef liver fluke, t.s. of body
  • Fasciola, ova w.m.
  • Ascaris, roundworm, t.s. of female in region of gonads
  • Lumbricus, sperm smear
  • Hirudo medicinalis, leech, t.s. of body
  • Sagitta, arrow worm, entire specimen, w.m.
  • Astacus, crayfish, gills, t.s.
  • Astacus, liver, t.s.
  • Astacus, testis, t.s. showing spermatogenesis
  • Astacus, ovary t.s. showing developing ova
  • Astacus, intestine, t.s.
  • Spider, abdomen with internal organs, l.s.
  • Dermanyssus gallinae, chicken mite, w.m.
  • Pieris, butterfly, head and mouth parts, w.m.
  • Vespa, wasp, biting mouth parts, w.m. 
  • Carabus, ground beetle, biting mouth parts, w.m.
  • Culex pipiens, mosquito, piercing-sucking mouth parts, w.m.
  • Melolontha, cockchafer, antenna, w.m.
  • Apis mellifica, honey bee, anterior leg with eye brush, w.m.
  • Apis mellifica, posterior leg with pollen basket, w.m.
  • Pieris, butterfly, portion of wing with scales, w.m.
  • Apis mellifica, cornea from eye, w.m.
  • Apis mellifica, sting with poison sac, w.m.
  • Culex pipiens, mosquito, t.s. of abdomen
  • Apis mellifica, honey bee, head with compound eyes t.s.
  • Apis mellifica, abdomen of worker, t.s.
  • Ctenocephalus, dog flea, w.m of adult
  • Chironomus, gnat, larva, w/m.
  • Bombyx moria, silkworms, t.s. of caterpillar spinning glands
  • Helix, snail, hermaphrodite gland (ovotestis) t.s.
  • Helix, snail, liver, t.s.
  • Helix, snail, eye, l.s.
  • Mya arenaria, clam, gills, t.s. and l.s.
  • Asterias starfish, horizontal section of young specimen
  • Psammechinus, sea urchin, pluteus larva, w.m.
  • Branchiostoma lanceolatum (amphioxus), t.s. of body with testis
  • Branchiostoma, t.s. of body with ovaries

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