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3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

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  • Pair of glasses for lab research with superior protection
  • Guarantees safety in labs, research centres, medical facilities
  • Tested in extreme temperatures, from -5°C to 55°C
  • Pressure diffusion temple technology for comfort
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Brand:  3M

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3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

No matter what industry you're in, everyone regularly working with hazardous materials deserves unbeatable eye protection. The 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear Glasses are the best way to stay safe in the most comfortable way possible. Perfect for lightweight protective support, this pair of safety glasses is simple and effective for daily wear.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Protective Glasses

Sizing Information

The glasses are available in a universal, self-adjusting size which should fit most users. They weigh only 18g, lightweight enough for un-obtrusive wear.

How Should Safety Glasses Fit?

Safety glasses are designed to keep you safe, and they need to be worn all day long for adequate protection against hazards. To check if your safety eyewear fits correctly, the weight of the glasses should be distributed evenly between the ears and nose, so the frames sit comfortably around the face for a light, barely-there feeling. In addition, the lenses should be close enough to your eyes that they provide adequate protection, but your eyelashes should not touch them.


  • Certifications/Compliance: ANSI Z87.1-2015, CSA Z94.3
  • Lens Tint: Clear
  • Temple Style: Proprietary self-adjusting 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology
  • Lens Type: Anti-fog
  • Model: SF201AF
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Indications for Use

The safety glasses are ideal for environments where you might be exposed to flying debris. Some examples of this include:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • General assembly
  • Forestry
  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Lab work
  • Light duty maintenance and repair
  • Airline pilots

Key Features of the 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

  • Self-Adjusting: Self-adjusting glasses for personalised and secure fit
  • Secure: Snug fit and moulded nose bridge prevents slippage even when moving
  • Anti-Fog: Clear vision even during exertion due to anti-fog lens
  • Anti-Scratch: Lens will resist scratching for maximum durability
  • UV light: Polycarbonate lens absorb 99.9% UVA and UVB up to 380 nm
  • Diffused Pressure: 3M pressure diffusion temple technology for maximum comfort

EN Compliance of the 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

The glasses offer UV protection with good colour recognition, as well as protection against harmful sun-glare. The glasses will protect against high speed particles at low energy, travelling at 45m/s. In addition the glasses have been tested and approved for impact protection at extreme temperature conditions of -5°C and +55°C.

  • EN 166 - Personal Eye Protection (All Colours)
    • Lens: 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT
    • Frame: EN166 FT
  • EN 170: UV protection within the range of 210nm - 265nm
  • EN 172: Sun-glare protection within the range of 280nm and 360nm

Why is Polycarbonate Used for Safety Glasses?

Polycarbonate has a number of different benefits that are particularly useful for protective eyewear:

  • Lightweight, keeping glasses comfortable and not distracting which is essential for proper eyewear protection all day long
  • Impact resistant, since polycarbonate is ten times more impact resistant than regular plastics (making this a brilliant material for use with flying hazards such as in manufacturing)
  • Natural UV protection, since polycarbonate blocks 100% of UV without additional UV coating - keeping the wearer safe from eyesight damage as a result of the sun

Scratch Resistant Lenses of the 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

To ensure that your glasses retain their high level of clarity even after extended periods of use the 3M glasses features a scratch-resistant lens. This makes the glasses ideal for work that requires both protection and a high level of attention to detail.

How Comfortable Is the 3M Eyewear?

The design of the glasses applies pressure on the less sensitive back of the head, instead of side, which achieves a supremely comfortable fit even during rapid head movements.

What Is 3Ms Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology?

3M’s innovative temple design features slotted ribs that provide comfortable pressure equalisation, allowing the temples to flex and self-adjust to the size and shape of the wearer’s head.

What Is the Optical Class of the 3M Eyewear?

The glasses are a member of the highest optical class, allowing for prolonged use with excellent coverage and good field of vision. The glasses have a rimless, single-lens design which contributes to this effect.


  • Polycarbonate

Choice of Additional Documentation

For more information on the legitimacy of these glasses, please refer to the below documents:

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