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Complete Chladni Plate Experiment Kit with Function and Vibration Generators

Complete Chladni Plate Experiment Kit with Function and Vibration Generators

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Usually delivered within 10 working days  

Usually delivered within 10 working days

  • Complete Chladni plate experiment kit
  • Suitable for sound experiments in science and music classes
  • Supplied with both a circle and square Chladni plate
  • Durable and easy-to-use design for optimal convenience
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Brand:  3B Scientific

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Complete Chladni Plate Experiment Kit with Function and Vibration Generators

The Complete Chladni Plate Experiment Kit with Function and Vibration Generators provides a comprehensive approach to educating students about waves and sound. The kit includes two metal Chladni plates, with a vibration generator to excite oscillations and sound waves. The included function generator allows the demonstrator and students to experiment with varying degrees of amplification for greater experiment diversity.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Square Chladni Plate
  • 1 x Circular Chladni Plate
  • 1 x Vibration Generator
  • 1 x Vibration Generator Mounting Pin With 4mm Socket 
  • 1 x Function Generator
  • 1 x Power Supply for Function Generator
  • 1 x Pair of Experiment Leads 75cm

What Is The Function Of This Experimental Kit?

Chladni plates are designed to demonstrate how sound vibrations travel at different frequencies. The plate itself is covered with a fine, powdery substance, and connected to a function generator and vibration generator. When used together, these generators create oscillating sound waves at varying frequencies.

These sound waves move and create shapes with the substance on the Chladni plate, offering a visual demonstration of how sound travels. This makes it highly suitable for use in science and music classes.

What Are Chladni Plates?

Both a circular and a square Chladni plate is included with this Complete Experiment Kit. When either of the plates are used with the included generators, and fine and dry powdery substance (e.g., sand) can be sprinkled on top of the metal surface to generate acoustically excited figures in the dry particles. This offers a visual example of how sound travels. The patterns produced on each plate-shape will differ.

What Is a Vibration Generator?

The Vibration Generator is designed for generating mechanical waves, enabling the observation and study of the oscillations and resonance in sound. It features a robust plastic housing, with a mounting pin and 4mm socket for securely attaching a Chladni plate. It also features a holder for a standing rod (up to 8mm in diameter) on the rear side of the apparatus for demonstrating standing waves in a coil spring.

What Is A Function Generator?

A function generator is a handy power amplifier tool designed for use in various experiments covering simple harmonic oscillation, AC electricity, and induction. This unit outputs sine-wave, triangular wave, and square wave voltages with adjustable amplitude and frequency. When used with this experimental kit, it's purpose is to power the vibration generator (which will generate mechanical waves from the output of the function generator).

The function generator is designed with various useful features, including an illuminated digital display, protection against voltages and spark discharge, an external sweep function, and retractable feet for easy standing of the device.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Complete Chladni plate experiment kit
  • Includes everything you need to conduct sound-wave experiments
  • Suitable for science and music classrooms, at various ages and levels
  • Suitable for observing and studying vibration patterns and different sound frequencies
  • Square and circle Chladni plates will offer different variations in pattern formations
  • Mounting pin and 4mm socket make it easier to connect a plate to the vibration generator
  • Steel Chladni plate construction ensures optimal durability
  • Vibration generator includes a holder for a stand rod on the rear side for demonstrations of standing waves in a coil spring
  • Overload protection features ensure optimal safety during use
  • Vibration generator features a robust plastic design for enhanced durability
  • Loudspeaker on the vibration generator enables smooth oscillations
  • Function generator enables easy and accurate wave adjustment
  • Function generator is short-circuiting proof for optimal safety and security

Spare Parts

Each of the component of this experimental kit are also sold separately as individual products, so you can easily replace any lost or damaged parts. 

Technical Specifications

Vibration Generator

  • Connection: Via 4-mm safety sockets
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Maximum Amplitude: 5mm
  • Frequency Range: 0 up to 20kHz
  • Minimum Operating Current: 10mA
  • Overload Protection: 1 A fuse
  • Dimensions: Approx. 200 x 160 x 70mm³
  • Weight: Approximately 1.4kg

Function Generator

  • Dimensions: 170 x 105 x 40mm
  • Power supply: plug-in power supply, 12V AC, 2A
  • Frequency range: 0.001Hz - 100kHz
  • Signal forms: Sine, square, triangular
  • Offset: 0 to ±5V, adjustable in 0.1V steps
  • Output amplitude: 0 - 10V, continuously adjustable
  • Power output: 10W, permanent
  • Output current: 1A, permanent, 2A max.
  • Sweep modes: external, continuous internal, individual internal
  • Frequency range: 1Hz to 100kHz
  • Stop/start frequency ratio: max. 1000 : 1, e.g. 2Hz - 2kHz max.
  • Time range: 0.04s - 1000s
  • External sweep: start via trigger pulse or application of 0 - 5V control voltage
  • Max. modulation frequency: 200Hz
  • Internal sweep: start and stop via start/stop button
  • One trigger output per cycle plus proportional voltage

Chladni Plates

  • Material: Steel
  • Circular Plate:
    • ​Diameter: 240mm
    • Weight: 0.45kg
  • Metal Plate
    • Dimensions: 180 x 180mm
    • Weight: 0.3kg

Experiment Leads

  • Length: 75cm
  • Conductor Cross Section: 1mm²
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 19A

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Delivery Information

The Complete Chladni Plate Experiment Kit with Function and Vibration Generators is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days of ordering via UPS courier.

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Excellent product and service
09 September 2020  | 

Our questions about the product were answered promptly, we received the equipment very quickly and everything worked smoothly first time.

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FG 100 Function GeneratorFG 100 Function Generator
Vibration GeneratorVibration Generator
Circular Chladni PlateCircular Chladni Plate
Square Chladni PlateSquare Chladni Plate
Pair of Experiment Leads 75cmPair of Experiment Leads 75cm
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Chladni Plate Experiment Kit With Plate and Vibration Generator

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