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Complete Test Vessel

Complete Test Vessel

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Usually delivered within 10 working days  

Usually delivered within 10 working days

  • Vessel for demonstrating the Debye-Sears effect
  • Durable transparent acrylic with life
  • Transducer mounting with three adjustment screws
  • Laser fixture with vertically aligned lens mounting
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Complete Test Vessel

The Complete Test Vessel for demonstrations of the Debye-Sears Effect is made of transparent acrylic, with a lid and a transducer mounting for conducting the Debye-Sears experiment or projecting ultrasonic waves with divergent light. Three adjustment screws can be used to produce a stationary wave. The vessel features a laser fixture with a lens mounting aligned vertically to the sound axis, and includes a plano-convex lens on a square mounting for the projection.


In 1932, Debye and Sears for the first time demonstrated the refraction of light as it passed through a liquid being subjected to high-frequency vibrations. In this process, the density maxima and minima of a stationary ultrasonic wave act like the elements of an optical diffraction grating. The grating constant here is equal to half the wavelength and therefore dependent on the frequency and speed of the ultrasonic waves transmitted through the medium (e.g. water, glycerin, oil).


  • Test vessel: 100 x 100 x 120mm³
  • Testing volume: approx. 1litre
  • Laser fixture: 18 mm diameter
  • Lens: Plano-convex, f=100mm, 16mm diameter

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