Demonstration Wave Machine Complete Set
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Demonstration Wave Machine Complete Set

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  • 3-module wave machine
  • Transition module and 2 module couplers included
  • Allows for the observation of reflections
  • Pendulum ends clearly marked in contrasting paint 
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Demonstration Wave Machine Complete Set

The Demonstration Wave Machine Full Set is comprised of a module with short pendulum bars, a transition module and two module couplers. If the two models with differing bar lengths (and thus differing wave velocities) are coupled together, then reflections can be observed at the point where they are joined together. This can be avoided by adding the transition module.

Experimental Topics

  • Propagation of a moving wave
  • Wavelength, frequency and phase velocity
  • Reflection of waves at fixed or moving ends
  • Standing waves and resonance in the case of fixed or moving ends
  • Constructive and destructive reinforcement of waves
  • Propagation and speed of communication for a disturbance of equilibrium
  • Reflection of a disturbance of equilibrium at fixed or moving ends
  • Damping of moving waves
  • Reflection at a transition
  • Coupling at a transition


  • Length of bar module 1: 460mm
  • Length of bar module 2: 230mm
  • Length of bars for transition module: 230 – 460mm
  • Total length: 2440mm
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